🔴 European Union Collapse: Germany’s Gloom Deepens

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  1. Never ever believe any American when they are lecturing any other country on morality … throw up their list of sanctions ( human rights abuses therefore) effects on citizens right in their cowardly faces … because guess what anyone can beat up a citizen right ? !!! The last time I looked a definition of Genocide was any act or acts that affected an ethnic racial or other sector of the population sanctions target who exactly …! Genocide !!!

  2. What do you know about Norwegian oil or gas ? Nothing … and one thing … Norwegian gas stops in 2035 idiot … so your ideas are bullshit too ! OMG what a plethora of coverups and lies .. sorry if you are going to present … then present the truth ! You are adding to the lies in Ukraine and everywhere else … you should be reporting on all the USA bank collapses over the past 2 years you should be reporting on the exponential rise in western debt and interest rates real effects … you should be reporting on global water shortages … you should be …!!!

  3. German "democracy" under occupation since 1945?
    "Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose …"
    Most Germany people don't want "help" Ukraine. (They don't give
    a hoo about Neo-Nazi anymore)
    Don't ask "congress" to do anything accept following orders from warsmagers corporations, who create wars and Income from wars since 1945 and "politicians"
    en-joying Bribing dispite standard of living going to the dogs house.
    Congress is worthless for citizens.
    I feel Sorry for All NOT "Sanction"
    people, because Sanctions people
    do- ING just fine…
    They use Ukraine as Tools to make Russia weaker and more Obidiend

  4. I cannot say I am very sorry for Germany's decline, it is basically self inflected. First they open up their border , admitting all kinds of criminals and freeloaders, , at the same time they wanted to be green, they started closing nuclear plants. They were warned about the dependence on Russia for gas , which they laughed at, and then they supported the most corrupted country in the region. They also allowed an allied to blow up their life giving pipeline and not a word of protest and joined in on this sanction that hurt them more than the Russians. This is enough mistakes to sink the most powerful countries on earth.

  5. Oh and guess what the more you suck those reserves the faster and earlier they deplete … it’s not a water tap … so my estimate of 2035 was based on 3 year old data … that’s going to come barrelling earlier to 2025-2035 at the rate of increased demands upon it … so what do you know ? Stupid stupid sanctions … stupid stupid America and UK !

  6. I got a suggestion for the Germans, to restore your supply of cheap gas, why don't you just go and grab it , with say 40 armored division?? Ask the French too if they like to join in on the fun. Dress warm this time and be prepared for a quick advance towards Berlin with the remaining 10% left of the armored force. Haaa haaa.

  7. Russia won the Second World War against Germany and forgave them and united east Germany but never believed they will stab them in their back.But this time joining the Ukrainian proxy Russia said once bitten twice shy and this time the will destroy German economy completely and convert it into a third world country.

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