17 Year Old Student Tries To Kill Teacher Aide Over a Nintendo Switch



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  1. He is the reason stereotypes exist… You expect us to believe that this TRASH is going to grow up to be anything other than a detriment to society. He nearly killed the woman over her not letting him play video games in class. Just know, that he is a- insert all words that you tube hates and then some. If that were my wife or daughter, I WOULD make him pay with his blood.

  2. One side has full on, immediate commitment to action, literally like a switch was thrown. The other side, basically 99% of the viewing public, has this built in auto-breaking system that almost completely disables any decisive action, even when under attack. Which side do you think will prevail in a violent encounter? We ALL need to review our Darwin test responsiveness.
    PS this is not to imply this TA had any chance in this situation, cuz she didn't. Rather it's more of an observation of how the public in general reacts to violent threats.

  3. This guy won't be in prison. The way this country is right now he will get a hi 5 from the not so reverend al notsosharpton. He is black and that is a white female. He will get away with it. That fat lady that watched it happen and just turned and walked away should be effing fired. He deserves to be in prison with bubba taking that backside whenever he wants. Kids like this are what is wrong with that portion of the society ya know the 13%. Send him back to the ghetto or its homeland when it gets out of juvenile detention. That racist pos ain't gonna be charged as an adult. Yes he is racist because no way in hell would he have done that to a teacher that is a black man or woman because they wouldn't get away with it

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