278. Jackson Hinkle

Political commentator and host of “The Dive,” Jackson Hinkle returns to discuss his recent conversation with Piers Morgan, the conflict in Ukraine, the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the 2024 election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Hinkle’s recent disagreement with Nick Fuentes over the Oliver Anthony song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

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Written by Primo Radical

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  1. It was a little weird to see Jackson all of a sudden turn into Peter Cushing's character from the Hammer horror film Twins of Evil, riding around with his gang of puritans looking for single women to accuse of witchcraft. Also representing communism, but never actually advocating for the creation of a society where people aren't driven to pursue careers where they sell their bodies, and choosing to blame individuals for the symptoms of late stage capitalism instead.

  2. I think Jackson gives a great answer on how he increases his influence – he watches other popular (and interesting presumably) influencers. Who better to watch when it comes to testing the winds. For all the hate Jackson gets for evolving influence and style, he really hasn't changed his fundamental beliefs that I can see which also has a lot to his growing success.

  3. I haven't seen Primo in a while, but I've seen enough of Tinkle the Clown to know that he's a Grifter. His biggest grift was that in any conflict there are people that fund both sides.
    Jackson is a rah-rah for Russia, which those Banksters like.
    The big tell is how he tells Big Oil talking points.
    Jackson mentioned Depleted Uranium.
    Try searching for Grayzone and DU. You won't find a trace. Cuz Max and Aaron are pushing Nukular as our magic bullet.

  4. If Russia cares about eliminating
    Nazis, then they why did
    they trade 200 Azov Nazis for Viktor Volodymyrovych Medvedchuk. Another contradiction is that The U.S. Is Paying Billions to Russia’s Nuclear Agency. Hinkle lacks a nuanced approach and neglects to mention that Russia and the US are equally corrupt not realizing that multipolarism will not be the paradise he's expecting.

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Ukraine is FINISHED as NATO Crosses Russia’s Red Line AGAIN

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