$6.2 Billion Pentagon Accounting Error Went to Ukraine Military Aid

Taken from JRE #2009 w/Duncan Trussell:

Written by PowerfulJRE

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  1. What you have to remember is they dont send 6.2 billion in money they send old used military equipment worth 6.2 billion so the US has already had the use from most of it but they calculate the figure from what the military paid when new. The rest of it is ammunition and rockets etc.

  2. you guys understand, of course, that when these multi-billion dollar packages are approved by congress, whether the money is for ukraine or israel; that money is going straight to raytheon and every other military contractor right? we're not cutting them checks and saying "here is 6 billion dollars, dont spend it all in one place". the money goes straight to a military contractor who will manufacture whatever equipment we plan to send over commensurate the dollar value that was approved… and if they happen to squeeze a few extra billion, they are hoping nobody notices, but if they do they can just pretend it was an error and behave as though its just a downpayment for future package they plan to approve.

  3. joe thinks hes so smart while constantly placing himself with guest that just parrot his views, not understanding this correctly is a perfect example. does he really not understand that the usa will recoup this many times over rebuilding the country, taking control of their gas reserves and also stopping russian influence spreading. the money they have sent to ukraine is small potatoes, stop with the fake outrage its a rare opportunity to take down an enemy without having to put boots on the ground and investment for the future.

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