6% Inflation Sends Food Prices SKY HIGH, BAILOUT BIDEN Rescues VCs Instead: Brie & Robby

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the rising inflation amid the Silicon Valley Bank chaos. #SVB #FederalReserve

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Written by The Hill

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  1. There needs to be much more transparency on what these banks are doing. The bank de-regulation that was done over the last 20 years should all be put back in place. These bank-sters shouldn't be allowed to be reckless with other peoples money.

  2. The focus on regulation and bailout for this story is incredibly nearsighted. This bank didn’t take risks. They purchased treasury bonds which is as safe as it gets for a bank. This was a intentional takedown of a smaller bank to consolidate the banking system and maintain more control over the citizens by moving towards digital currency. Do your homework.

  3. Why bail anyone out? If they were incompetent in the first place your going to give them other people's money to lose it again! that's Brilliant, question? What happens in the real world when you mismanage your business? Does anyone from the government come along and save you? Why are these elites special?

  4. Trust me, if this was a local bank serving mostly middle/lower class clients, they would not be bailing out the 10% that had accounts over $250k. You've got heavy-weight political donors involved at SVB losing millions from their accounts. Of course their political servants are going to make sure they're made whole.

  5. 2:40 I think Brie is right about that. A lot of people refuse to carry umbrellas until it's already started raining heavily and gotten them soaking wet. By then the umbrella has lost much of it's purpose. That's why it's important to have rainy day funds or insurance for when things do go poorly that might've not been expected before.

    But I think Robbie is also right that due to the government being so many people's rainy day fund either through expectation or through practice like bailouts then when the government doesn't immediately provide the umbrella, consequences occur and many people are shocked to see uncle Sam not hand out umbrellas how fast or as much in general as they would like or the type of umbrella used

  6. I'm confused about the reaction of people like Bri and Krystal Ball. As progressive socialists, don't they WANT the federal government to nationalize the banking system? It sounds to me like a world in which everyone puts their money into one large national banking system is what the socialists want. Isn't it?

  7. The government is the problem. The politicians are the one percent and the politicians are the ones who have corrupted capitalism. The politicians have used their power to create regulations, tax burdens, and unfair laws that make having better companies and we are stuck with politicians bailing out there chosen companies.

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