73 Agencies (including IRS) Use SECRET Stingray Devices to Track American Citizens

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🔵 Sekur:

🔵 Stingray Operations:

🔵 Obama Spying Directive:

🔵 Biden Revocation:

🔵 Congressional Report:

🔵 DOJ Guidance:

🔵 ACLU Report:

🔵 US Marshalls in Florida

🔵 Stingray in North Carolina:

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  1. Beware Digital Currency then, as the Government will use this precedent argument to say that if you gave your money to a bank to store then you gave up your right to privacy about that money !!! Next comes the government removing your access to the money for some pretext, e.g. the government claim you are not using it for a purpose they approve of.

  2. In the aviation industry this is called Man in the middle, gathering information between your phone and towers. The P8 Poseidon in particular, a sub hunter, can track a football up to 300 miles away from its radius. P 3 Orion, is the older version. Either way there is always a few up on each coast and a couple in the middle of the country, as well as Google Balloons hovering around 70,000' over the Dakota's that can track coast to coast. It's interesting that the Man in the Middle birds have been up over Maricopa county doing loops all last week before the election results where called. Nobody can hide, if they want you, they will find you and your information.

  3. 11:28 papers includes data and communications in written on paper format. In order to cover the most modern communication form of the day. Effects include devices. Your text, email, location data, and cell phone conversations are all covered by the fourth amendment twice! Stingray is all kinds of illegal and unconstitutional!

  4. OUR RIGHTS are being compromised, daily, by so many layers(levels), of governmental interference through all sorts of out-of-control agencies, full of un-elected OFICIALS, often making wild & crazy interpretations of how to control our actions … all the way from villages and townships to states and federal un-elected officials who answer to no one … not even to the elected officials who has the obligation of "oversight", for our(the public's), protection.

    The only problem with the Feds, is that they are too powerful … much more powerful than our fore-fathers ever expected …

  5. Is using the Fourth Amendment the tool Trump used while he took all these secret documents to his house in Florida ? Deception is rampant. You should try to investigate the MIC. You would be blown away . Eisenhower gave us a hint when he was leaving….He should have disclosed !!!!

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