90 Seconds to Midnight

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  1. "The pharma companies would never release [cure for cancer] to the public."

    Nope. Every time somebody talks about making a cure for cancer, this is what I tell them. If a cure was made, it would shut down entire multibillion dollar industries overnight, across the world. The loss of profits would be cataclysmic to those industries. It would never be allowed to happen.''

    If you ever find yourself believing that the medical industry has your best interests in mind, just remember: Healthy people aren't profitable.

  2. Honest to goodness i had a dream last night that Russia dropped a nuke on my city. I hid behind a tree in the forest and survived with absolutely no injuries or ill effects.

    The utter impossibility of it reminded me of the dreams I've had where I can breathe underwater or Epstien actually killed himself

  3. Those who set the Doomsdsy clock have a left wing bias. I’m old enough to remember when Reagan and Gorbachev were chummy with each other and the Cold War ended. But the Doomsday clock didn’t move much then. I thought back then that the clock should have been set back a couple hours when Communism collapsed. But it wasn’t.

  4. The biggest threat humanity is actually facing is government control over every aspect of our lives: What media we can consume, what information we have access to, what food we can eat, what opinions we can have, what art and other works we can create, what places we can visit, what people we can talk to and interact with. I rather die in a second stone age at the age of 40 than having to live through this soulless distopian world for 120 years!

  5. As far as a cure for cancer goes, there are actually multiple biotech startups developing just that. The problem is that 1. They have a very limited financial runway to get past development, testing, and government approval, and 2. The best their shareholders can hope for is to be bought out so the startups research can be thrown in a vault somewhere until a huge Pharma company can make ALL the money.

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