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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie discuss the Twitter files #7 drop, which exposed cooperation with, and funding from the FBI. The guys also take a look at how this whole situation feels very similar to the revolutions sparked by our alphabet agencies in foreign countries.
This Episode Was Recorded On 12.20.22

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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in Politics three times a week, with the promise of bonus episodes! Libertarian Philosophy mixed with a sense of humor, POTP is one of the leading voices in libertarianism.

Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave’s outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network. #libertarian

Written by Dave Smith

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  1. I am kind of torn on information like this. I mean, what is the point of even knowing any of this if not only no one will be held accountable, there won’t be a single consequence for anyone involved, nothing at all will change and this will continue to happen everywhere all the time, but the people who support That Team won’t even feel like they did anything wrong or that this was even bad in the first place. So yeah now we know for sure, but who cares? What is the point of knowing this or even revealing this if it changes nothing nor will anything be done about it?

  2. These things have been known and discussed for at least half a century. Chomsky published Manufacturing Consent in the 80’s, and I remember my hippy parents talking about CIA thought control and color revolutions in the 70’s. Part of the problem is, doesn’t matter what a handful of perceptive people understand, only what the dumb apathetic masses can be made to believe, and that’s the easy part. If the world view of the managerial elites is to put on the dog and pony show to control the herd, then move forward with a core set of Neocon/Davos type values while ignoring or stifling consent, and that from a Darwinian point of view they are justified in doing this because, frankly, they can, then the question that really makes me think is, “What if they’re right?”

  3. Hey Dave. How about you engage with Robbie. It’s annoying as fuck how you just verbally vomit for an hour and a half. Robbie is really intelligent and well spoken on most of these subjects. Why don’t you use him for something besides a sounding board? It’s obnoxious as shit to just hear you monologue for an hour every episode.

  4. That was cool aside from the English guy playing identity politics. If your gonna point out white men people might Google these "white men".. So now you know their ethnic backgrounds.. So what? Shouldn't it be about principles and not a sly attack on ethnic minorities?

  5. If u understand the overall goal of certain people i dont think u would do upside reads… yeah its just money for free… we r def not trying to know exactly what u buy, how much gas u use… i will not be getting upside… also have u listened to tom macdonalds "the system" yet? It should be ur walkout song…..

  6. Problem is that we did already suspect ALL of this, and worse. These are NOT bombshells. And of course there will be ZERO political will to enforce consequences on anyone involved, because the right just wants to wield the sword, not melt it down. This will go down as just more big gov bullshit that they weasle out of completely clean.

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