A Discussion of the War in Ukraine

Featuring Dan Kovalik and Scott Ritter.
Co-sponsored by the James Connolly Forum, The United Anti-war Coalition, and Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
This meeting took place in the Bethlehem Public Library in Delmar, NY

Written by Jon Flanders

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  1. I live in US for many years now.. and starting from "Russia Gate", I started to feel in US like "a jew in Nazi Germany". More so with the start of the war. My russian friends are just afraid to voice their opinion in US. But here I saw how many US citizens are actually open and might even support Russia (given that they know the real reason for the conflict). It gives me hope for US-Russia relation, hope that we can live peacefully without trying to seek every possible opportunity to hurt each other. After all, Vietnam war was stopped by ordinary americans. Am I too naive to expect something like this to happen now? To expect that US citizens will stop supporting warmonger russophobic politicians? To expect that our voices/opinions could be heard and not brainlessly labeled as "propaganda" and censored out?

  2. USA ruined since WW2 more than 30 countries–Koрея, Вьетнам, Хиросима и Нагасаки(ЯПОНИЯ),Гренада ,Ирак,Йемен, Ливан,Ливия, Сирия, Югославия, Украина ..This chattrebox –alcoholic with big thrist is talking to much –but no one word of truth///Disgusting –you know nothing about the situation in Russia and Ukraine /I am from Ukraine —and 80 % of population (now more) always waiting Russians as liberators from Azov—SS–Praviy Sector —and other Nazis Army in Ukraine///

  3. Alas, the pro-Ukrainian side is zombified. They don't care that the USA organized a coup which overthrew the legitimately elected president Yanukovich and caused Crimea and Donbas go their own way, they do not care that NOT A SINGLE PERSON has been CHARGED (let alone convicted) with killing "the heavenly hundred" during the 2014 coup in Maidan (sniper fire from a nationalist-controlled building) or with burning alive people in Odessa shortly thereafter (despite plentiful footage of who was throwing firebombs). They do not care about open Neo-Nazis in their military, or that there is a Ukrainian nationwide government-pushed cult of a Nazi collaborator and mass murderer Bandera. They do not care that the USA is using Ukraine as a stick to poke at the Russian bear. They have an excuse for everything. These people cannot be reasoned with. Perhaps, that's why Ukraine is about to vanish as an independent state once and, chances are, forever.

  4. Madness having a discussion on whos fault is an invasion of a country that did not attack the invader!!! Some people just dont want to see!!!
    I hope not, but afraid so, some "russian actions" support people in the west are being paid to misinform "ignorant" people that are looking for an excuse to hate their countries and the values of freedom and respect

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Beware Data Is Not Neutral!

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