A London Lost: The Death of an English City. (Heresies: Ep. 12)

London has changed. Not just in the organic way that history usually demands but drastically, irrevocably and in the space of a generation. It is not really a British city, much less an English one. Unprecedented demographic change has seen to that. And its character, its very essence, once based on centuries of shared history and experience, is now defined by what are called its “values”, a set of modern beliefs to which the modern Londoner should sign up.

In this very personal documentary, Peter explains why, like hundreds of thousands of other Londoners, he has left London, a city which he no longer regards as home. He asks whether we are saying goodbye to London.

This is Episode 12 in our acclaimed documentary series #NCFHeresies. To see other episodes in this series please see:

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  1. It's scary how much the UK, London particularly inner and outer has changed. Mosques, Turkish barbers, chicken shops, halal meat shops, Polish shops etc there are now. The 'English' has been knocked out of the UK by people like Khan. It's not a city of diversity. It's a city of foreign policy, values and social elements and if you dare to not be over the moon happy about it, you're a racist bigot. A target to be taken down by the woke mob, and the police. My Grandad fought VERY hard in the war for our freedom… i guarantee none of those great people would've bothered if they knew that's what people would do with their freedom. The UK of old is finished, the UK is no longer, a UNITED Kingdom.

  2. Disgusting double standards are responsible for this tragedy. Can we imagine a white christian being appointed the mayor of a muslim city?!! Well obviously not… goodbye proud London. Here in Ireland, in Galway city, the most popular childs name is now, in fact, Mohammed. I am not joking. Look it up. Go figure…

  3. We’ve not learned anything from when the last lot came over and never did only their children did because they had to go to the same schools. Some parts of the uk are now no go areas I’m afraid with this and the last government’s failure to stop immigration we now have lost total control of our borders in which it will take yrs to sort out. They should have turn the boats back from day one.

  4. It used to be the white cliffs that were symbolic of our nations defence now it is the ring roads of any major city. The city's have gone forever.
    Other solutions need to be found because it is obvious that Westminster has no consideration or desire to promote what Britain was and what it should be.

    Mass immigration is all about the expansion of their wealth and that is all.

  5. I want you to close your eyes. Imagine this scenario. You go to bed one night as usual. You wake up next day as usual. Only on this new day, nothing is as usual the way you have come to expect it. There has been one significant and profound change since yesterday. Every single non-white person has left Britain. Every single one. Gone. All returned to their native countries or any other country they are welcome, that is not Britain. Now London and the rest of Britain is once again the exclusive preserve of Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Celt decedents. Hooray! However, this time the sun sets exactly on time every day, (on the days it actually shows up in the first place.) This time there is no more exploitation of an empire upon which the sun always shines. No more domestic or international cheap labour to consume. Oh what happy days those will be All coming to a theater near you soon 😂

  6. It’s not just volume it is culture with a deliberate plan. . We have lost our way. Our Christian heritage has been buried and needs to be revived. The same things are happening in Dublin and every major city in Europe. We need revival. We are under attack. We need to recognize how this is happening and stop trying ‘not offend’ by speaking the Truth.

  7. This is very sad…I lived in London most of my adult life, and totally 💯agree with Peter..London has changed so dramatically since Blair took over in 1997, I would describe London as White indigenous being replaced on mass, by feral Anywhere vampires, sucking all life out of a once great city.. Every time I visit London now I leave depressed and annoyed, as I see my birth country disappearing in front of my eyes..Enoch Powell was 💯 correct, and I am fearing the rest of the country is now mirroring London.. Britain will be the first non white European country, and I know this is by design…The Globalist are the new Nazi’s…You all have not realised it yet…I don’t say this lightly… The Globalist are wiping out Western culture and The Communist done to Russia… They want Reset and Global village, which will never work. The only way this will be stopped is WW3.

  8. Our nation was forged in and by Christianity. The Anglo Saxons adopted, mainly by their choice, not coercion, the way of Jesus of Nazareth. Alfred the Great was a committed believer and an educated man. Admittedly Victorian London was never wholly ''Christian'' but there was a consensus. Cultural Christianity provided a common understanding in law, education and business. There was a sizeable % of people who were Christians and committedly so. The crime and gang issues are an indicator of the decline of London. Drugs and gangs are an indicator of the downfall. It was once a great and virtous city now it is a shadow of its former self. An utter tragedy. I am not sure it is redeemable anymore ?

  9. Immigrants fascinate me to the extent that they leave their own countries for a BETTER life elsewhere, but then turn the host country into the country they left. Why not stay? You are unfortunately reaping the results of expecting nothing from these individuals in turn for welcoming them into the UK and providing everything for free.
    I lived and worked in the outskirts of London for two plus years thirty years ago, and despite having a Great grandfather from Wiltshire and a Great grandmother from London, i returned to SA because that is what the law expected of me. Even then the country had neighborhoods mainly inhabited by certain cultures speaking their own languages. The most frustrating thing about watching this, is that i am not allowed an ancestral citizenship, as i am too far down the line, even though we did and would again contribute and not take from the country. Yet, someone with no connection to England, who cannot speak the language is welcomed and provided for.

  10. In the mid 90's Prince Charles by every media channel addressed the people.
    He spoke of a great change and indirectly implied we were emigrating to Australia and New Zealand !!
    Just recently Australia called out to all young adults of the UK offering them opportunities ….
    The Royals are our rulers ,
    The house of lords are Royal servants governing on behalf of the crown,
    All governing descisions must be authorised by the lords….
    I'm sure you can work the rest out !

  11. As an Australian, I visited London (and countysde England.. beautiful ❤) in 2016 and 2017 and I loved the city. Really an exciting and immersive place. I'm now not sure whether I should visit again. I'm really very sorry this is happening to the Brits there. England is truly a great nation.

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