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A RIGGED Election…Kind Of.

A rigged election or time to face bigger cultural realities.

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  1. Even the UN admits Aussie elections are not legit due to preference voting essentially being codified rigging.
    It's pointless to discuss media bias as this stems from the rigged elections.
    Of course if we pursue the abolition of mandatory tax all this ends overnight if we succeed.

  2. the worst thing is the use of the word Neo Nazi and just Nazi one seems to know what they stand for when they use them ..A Neo Nazi is someone who believes in Nazism ..Nazi means the National Socialist Workers Union German ..right wing conservatives .capitalists …have never been socialists ..because Socialism is against capitalism conservatism ..Hitler the biggest socialist hated conservatism.hense ww2…we were fighting and dying to destroy socialism …now we vote for it ..Madness

  3. I paused when you said voting is compulsory. It's not, they get you to vote under a threat of a fine. Anything where you have to be threatened to participate in, including an experimental medical procedure, is UNLAWFUL. There is a difference in legal and lawful folks. Legal is the law of the sea. Lawful is the law of the land. It's time to wake up and come out of our caves. Peace. 🙏💚

  4. I think our preferential voting system is the problem…coupled with the general public's ignorance of our system of government and voting. Standing in line at the polling booth for 45 minutes I overheard many conversations and it became fairly obvious that most people were deciding how they'd vote whilst they were standing in line ( clutching their red and green HTV cards)!

  5. Had a friend who quoted Andrews saying something along the lines of “unity over divisiveness” to which I replied, “this is the guy who just spent the election calling his opposition ‘literal Näzis’, hardly what you call unifying” They didn’t believe me so I had to show a YouTube compilation of him saying this over and over in numerous press conferences. They had no idea. We have a massive middle-upper class elite who’s arrogance is only matched by their ignorance.
    However, I’d say the primary issue is that the checks and balances in our society have predominantly been set up centuries ago to keep a country healthy from within, and then had simplistic alliances amongst countries for the without. We are not set up well to protect against a well coordinated attack on our society from within that comes from a global push of allied interests, in a world that is largely globalised. Communism is the historical issue in this regard but we’ve always had strong alliances of interests to oppose that, largely from the corporate elite. Now, it appears the corporate elite are allied against us, and their ability to monopolise media, install their preferred candidates, capture government institutions, influence universities and control online discourse is a weapon without answer.

  6. I picked up my ballot paper, looked at it and said to myself "this is a scam, my vote isn't going to go to any of these people, even if I put them first. When I looked up the candidates online and then when I looked at my ballot, all the candidates were completely foreign to me. I hadn't seen any of these names. So I just draw a big phallus on the paper, folded it up and put it in the box. At least I don't get a fine because they ticked my name off.

  7. Interesting that New Zealand MSM openly discussed the use of LRAD devices and justified why they needed to use them.
    Craig Kelly was laughed at when he brought it up in parliament as though it's so unlikely to have happened. In video of the Canberra protest you could see the LRAD devices with the police. They showed the exact same devices on the news report from NZ saying "Yes we have to use these"

  8. If it comes to numbers killed by Nazi's compared to Communist's,it's no comparison.about 18 million killed by Nazi's to 100 million killed by Communist's and counting.take note that the Chinese government are killing Falun Gong people and selling their body organs,on demand,brings in an estimated 1 billion dollars per year for Xi Jinping and his mates,as far as "climate change" goes I have asked one simple question,"I would like to see the scientific data that shows human emissions of co2 are responsible for "climate change" Federal government and Greens 3 times–no answer,state government passed it to DWELP, after two answers,which did not answer my original question,and I repeated my question,they gave up.same story with my council.Keep your eye on the so-called black voice in government ,just another attempt by Albanese to stack the Senate with Labor stooges.


  9. When all establishments of authority have been intentionally set up to be corrupt "legally" for decades and decades, along with press and media supporting it, and they repeat the lies so many times over, it then becomes the truth and if you can keep the majority of the population ignorant by changing and applying the suitable curriculum at education, in parallel, along with so many other factors, most effective being the TV, creates a lazy and an irresponsible population that do not question administrations.

    And here we are, where millions prefer to watch and believe lies rather then this man talking the truth……

  10. Next lockdowns will be for global warming now called climate change. For heavens sake follow TRUE science to realise that we are seeing NORMAL climate changes. Fear is driving good people to do stupid things. The ABC is little more than a tool for Marxist and Labor fear mongering.

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