A Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky – Part 1

An investigation of Volodymyr Zelensky. More info:

Please support “Waging Peace,” Scott Ritter’s film and campaign for nuclear disarmament:

Written by U.S. Tour of Duty

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  1. Tucker is not busy right now, he is making drinks at home, you know ? 😉
    And Scott made it really easier for public, profiling and gathering all the information (that is already known in Russia) to an interesting documentary for the western audience. To understand the position, complexity and perspective of the conflict in Ukraine. Sadly it is all escalating to WW3 and the big war is non avoidable (according to our experts talks).

  2. Hola from South Africa 🇿🇦
    Wow Wow Wow !! 😳 Viva the Truth 📖 Speaker — Viva Inspector Scott Ritter !

    Your Audience & Fans THANK U , 🙏 from the bottom of our hearts !!
    This War has made U South Africa's 🇿🇦 Hero 💪 ( As U know 99% of my Country loves & honours President Putin 🇷🇺 & the beautiful Mother Russia 🇷🇺, that he has built – against all odds .

    May the GOD of the Bible, Protect , bless & continue to Strengthen U – for your formidable Task !

    What was done in SECRET –
    Shall be shouted from the Rooftops ! source: The Bible . You are That Man .

Biden to CNN USA is running out of ammo

Biden to CNN, USA is running out of ammo

Biden sends banned cluster munitions to Ukraine

Biden sends banned cluster munitions to Ukraine