Aaron Mate Explains On Tucker Carlson Show What Happened With The Nord Stream Pipeline

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Written by Hard Lens Media

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  1. Since when did the US govt concern itself with the environment when it stood in the way a major geo-political goal? It seems naive to think it would play a part in US govt thinking in the matter. The obvious reason for the US to blow up the pipelines after the war started was to deny Russia a major source funding for the war it is pursuing in Ukraine.

  2. Don't forget, Germany is the fourth or fifth biggest economy in the world! They are actually producing high end goods, how can they keep competing on the world markets and give everybody M4ALL and a comprehensive safety net? Cheap energy for their industry! With this move you have the potential of taking out a global competitor. Maybe they have to make cuts now to their social spending? For over 40 years I heard from the US Establishment that in the long run it couldn't work, and it always did! If they have to cut on their safety net I'm sure it will be all over mainstream media. 'Socialism doesn't work!'

  3. The other interesting thing to look at Selensky's prep talk thanking Black Rock, Goldman Sachs, Northrup Grumman and other big players for promising to rebuild Ukraine after the war! Ukraine put out a promo video how they want to become the most modern country in the world only using digital currency, high speed Glasfiber, 6 G etc. How do you accomplish that with a very, very old infrastructure? When it all is in rubble you can build anew and use the newest of the new like in Germany after WWII!

  4. Kit-
    If things have gotten so bad at Hard Lens Media that that brainless know-nothing is the best you can do as a co-host, I gotta tap-out. At the very least, I hope she's polishing your knob. It's the only rational explanation for her being on the show. It was fun while it lasted.

  5. Many, if not most, of the the conspiracy theories have turned out to be true. Just look at the "vaccine" and mask lies that were shoved down our throats by corporate owned media. What's that saying about the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About 6 months.

  6. 120 Billion that we know of plus the FTX money. Plus the value of military equipment and personal which is incalcuable. Add the lost earnings of approximately 150 thousand young people. Plus the NS. Plus all the resources in Europe and the UK. Plus…

  7. Someone should ask Victoria Nuland if Russia wanted the pipeline blown up, why is she ecstatic about them succeeding in doing it. Is she cheering for Russia? And she should be asked if Germany is our ally why celebrate when they will now have to pay 4 times as much for gas.

  8. People don’t want to ask questions because deep down everyone benefits from the depredations of the empire. Asking questions would mean letting go of the hold over global resources, letting go of the cheap luxurious lifestyle. It would mean having to SAVE, to get off your butts and PRODUCE things. All of that is incredibly hard. That demands toil and postponement of gratification. So ordinary Americans dont want to ask the hard questions because of they did they would not be able to benefit from living in the empire.

  9. When Lauren accuses Tucker of pushing conspiracy theories, she should provide specific examples and explain why she thinks he's wrong. I also agree with some of the other comments about her not being prepared to speak on the Nordstream issue. No one is perfect and we all have room to grow, but she comes off as amateurish.

  10. In that list of movies and TV shows you forgot the movie we're REALLY living out: They Live!

    And we're millimeters away from actually living Soylent Green. If you've never seen Soylent Green, if it's only a meme to you…. WATCH IT! It's campy asf, but it's also kinda brilliant and terrifyingly prescient.

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CNN FREAKS OUT Over Congress Investigating Twitter Censorship