Aaron Maté SLAMS Report Alleging Putin ENDING Only Russia-US Nuclear Arms Treaty: Brie & Robby React

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to pull out of the Russia-U.S. Nuclear Arms Treaty. #putin #nucleararms #treaty

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  1. Robbie-just stop. No serious, fair thinking person thinks that Russia initiated this conflict. You are a propagandist. US and NATO knew that if they took certain actions Russia would have no choice but to take the decision they did. All you have to do is follow the money to these war pigs. Gee I wonder why the US military budget is 10x that of Russia.

  2. Symbolic. Western world has been pushing up on Russia, Russia saying back off.

    Not saying if it was right or wrong, but what did you think Putin would do to try to draw a line in the sand.

    He doesn’t pretend to be a warrior, he is one & acts like one. And just because Ukraine has a popular figure for a leader doesn’t guarantee good government.

    It’s not as black & white as it is painted. 0:04 0:04

    -Matt’s dad
    And no, I am not a marxist & I don’t have Russian family.

    But explain to me how Ukraine making overtures to NATO is significantly different from the Cuban missile crisis.

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