Access To Cash Enshrined In Law: Finally!

The UK banking sector is being warned it faces penalties if it does not secure free access to cash for the UK population, including businesses, following waves of branch closures over more than a decade.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Treasury confirmed the guidelines the industry was expected to follow. The legal framework showed that no person or business should be further than three miles away from facilities to withdraw or deposit cash including a cash machine.

Meantime in Australia, the Regional hearings on Branch closures continues to highlight the high-handed approach taken by the banks. We clearly need a similar bill in Australia to that now in operation in the UK.

Access to cash is a human right and needs to be preserved, and if banks are not willing to provide appropriate banking services, a National Bank in needed to provide services, especially in in regional areas!

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  1. Why would they do that when the CBDC's are on the brink?, after all, those behind the control system want exactly that, total control, to achieve that, goodbye cash, and mate, you got our hopes up with that title when it's in the UK and not Australia, i guess we need some politicians of repute to create a "Bill" for this, but some how the W.E.F controlled puppets would vote it down of course!!

  2. I hope we succeed here in Australia. In the past two weeks I have been into two shops where I was asked to pay cash because their EFTPOS machines were offline.
    I can only hope our elderly and disabled people here in Australia can be treated fair and with kindness and allow cash.
    I use cash everywhere.

  3. That is one of the best pieces of news I have heard in a long time, thank you Martin. Now, if only I believed that governments mean what they say! Their track record over the past three years, in telling us the people, the truth, is dreadful. Secondly, doing what the people are asking for has not been on their agenda. Removing cash from society is the cornerstone of their desire to control all aspects of our lives and I don't see them giving up that power, without a serious fight. As you are aware Martin, in Australia there is significant push back against the banks.and the move to a cashless society. But we no longer run our country. It is just a vassal state of the US, to whom we have sold our souls. The US is the leader of the push to form a one world government (that they see themselves leading) that is hell bent on absolute control of its people. So I am sceptical that we here can ever get our sovereignty back and thus control of the government by the people and reverse all the anti freedom and control actions being taken against us. However, time will tell how all this works out and I am at least hopeful.

  4. Great coverage, Martin — cheers from an Aussie who chose to leave Australia. Can’t help wondering whether the UK Treasury’s publication and guidelines are a decoy for something else that is going to hit the UK’s vulnerable public. However, given that Prime Minister Sunak saved the GBP post its Truss led destruction there is a chance that this is a genuine step in the interests of the people. I sure hope Australia will do something for its people …it’s been a long time since that happened 😢

  5. As with all governments, they only become your friend when they know you are going to die and they can empty your pockets afterwards. As we head into hyperinflation, you can have your wheelbarrow of cash to buy a bottle of milk (if you can get enough money before supply runs out), or you can use your CBDC with the simple wave of a chipped hand (or forehead). They won't print $1 trillion dollar notes because the CBDC is available, and they still have $100 notes available, so they are meeting legal access requirements.

  6. considering all major banks make billions of $ every year and more and more every year, they have no excuse to closing branches . i say evict all the foreign banks from this country as they dont operate with our best interests in mind they only seek to bleed us dry. so close them down ban them from operating in our country and open a bank that functions for the needs of aussies a not for profit bank. that gives low fixed interest loans to all aussies and aussies only that gives us real banking options including pass book and card access country wide

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