Adam snitches, Tim cries, Lydia snaps, explained in 10 mins

After Adam Crigler departed Timcast IRL, many Tim Pool fans were wondering what happened to Adamcast and why did Crigler leave in the first place. After Adam did a 6 hour long livestream explaining his issues with Timcast producer Lydia Leitermann, Tim made a rebuttal livestream for over 2 hours.

Not many people want to listen to nearly NINE HOURS of ranting, so here is the recap in 10 minutes instead.

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00:00 What Went Wrong
00:58 Money
02:38 Lydia
06:00 NDA
07:37 Ego
08:18 Inequity
09:19 Collapse

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  1. So tim paid to move this dude to get him out of the way to cut him off completely. All these people are fake trash. It's all a scripted junk show, they'll adopt any position any time, which ever position will get the most views. 9:33 "It's so hard" I hear, I'm the victim. Yuk no thanks.

  2. Idk but Adam sounds like an ungrateful whiney mfr. Bro paid quarter mill to move him and he says yeah it was a lot but it was only two episodes worth of profit. How many episodes come out per week… He says he's grateful but how grateful is he really. If you work for someone your pay has nothing to do with theirs. They're going to make a lot more than you if you're working for them. Plus he's talking about personal sht like the foot rub thing, what does that have to do with him..

  3. "not a professional podcaster" Dude WTF? He was a hired personality, and his personality was what he was hired for. He was more then professional, he never had dead air. While Being a producer and show runner does require a different skill set and experience.

  4. I mean, success and money does seem to be problem that many struggle to navigate. I’d love to sit here and act like I’d do things differently if I were in either of their positions, but I have no experience or perspective on wealth and fame, so. I don’t know. I fuck with Tim.

  5. I believe adam is telling the truth or at least what he percieves as "the truth". In the end the objective truth is somewhere in the middle. Facts: Tim and Lydia were shagging, since this was implied by several people, who knew the whole thing, not just Adam. We all know, that Tim has an ego, you can see it everyday and rages if someone has a different opinion or appears to be/say something smarter than him. Lydia was Tims yes-woman, and came across as cringe.
    But it also may be the truth, that Adam did say, that he want Lydia gone and said something, what Tim could have perceived as an ultimatum. etc.

  6. In my opinion Tim asked Adam to do something specific for the show, which he never did. He just let the days news that Tim already covered be the shows topics. So I understand Tim having a problem with paying the guy half the show’s takings if he’s not pulling his weight. Anyone can sit there and talk shit, why does he deserve half of what Tim built? It makes no sense. I liked Adam, but it looks like sour grapes to me. He was making way more than he deserved and now he’s bitter, because he’s not worth anywhere near that on his own.

  7. I think they're both a-holes. The show was good when they were together. It's not anymore. Tim has lost it. He's moved to an isolated, secure compound, is heavily armed and surrounded by worshippers, constantly rants/preaches about WW3/CW/End of Days and is highly intelligent and semi charismatic with no sense of humor. I definitely see a Waco 2 or Jim Jones type of scenario in their future. At least we'll get to watch it go down on livestream.

  8. When you go around throwing mud at others be prepared to have it thrown back at you. You know, this Adam guy doesn't gain anything by acting like a baby and exposing someone's personal life as if it's his business to tell. There's something to be said about maintaining someone's confidence so you don't look like the petty douchebag. Adam 100% looks like a douchebag here. That being said, these "secrets" aren't really that bad. But still.

  9. I didn't find Timcast until after all this went down (mid to late 2020, I think). The reason I stuck around is because none of this matters to me. What is important, is honesty in reporting the news (I really don't care about Tim's opinions) and so far, I have not been able to personally find any issues there. Also enjoy the guests & conversations on IRL.

    Nevertheless, I tend to find Tim's account to be a little more realistic.

  10. Wow this was the most non-bias and informative break down of the whole situation. I've had to experience this before in the past and it's not fun. When money, high recognition with potential for more comes into play, it takes a special bond of friendship or an "Aba" to save the relationship. I lost a good friend and potentially the best partner in business because of a scenario just like this. Paranoia takes over and when you've never had a good life before it makes it even worse. I don't suggest going into business with friends or a partner with out explicitly understanding what is expected from all involved and be willing to walk away when it's not working and salvage the friendship.

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