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Adverse reactions and under reporting

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It is generally acknowledged that adverse events are under-reported around the world,

with estimates that 90-95% of adverse events are not reported to regulators.

In recent years evidence has emerged that adverse event reports from consumers contain information that is useful for monitoring the safety of therapeutic products, but there is low awareness of available reporting systems.

In Western Australia

Total AEFI rate following a COVID-19 vaccine was 264.1 per 100,000 doses.

26.41 per 10 thousand
2.641 per thousand

How to report in Australia

How to report in UK

How to report in the US

Yellow Card:

Yellow card scheme, Donā€™t wait for someone else to report it

It is estimated that only 10% of serious reactions and between 2 and 4% of non-serious reactions are reported.

Under-Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions

12 countries, 43 numerical estimates of under-reporting.

The median under-reporting rate across the 37 studies was 94%

In primary care

Non serious, 95% under reported
Serious or severe, 80% under reported

Hospital based

More severe or serious, 85% to 95% under reported

As an Australian I feel utterly let down. Grateful for WA for making this report available, but it leaves such a bad taste in the mouth to know how we were lied to. I did not want the vaccine and felt pushed from all sides to get it.

As a West Australian I can say that doctors were discouraged to report adverse events and were reprimanded if they reported too many. The red flag system in Australia took about 45mins to report and doctors were not paid to do so.

This data is absolutely doctored and controlled. I fled WA to another State with my family as soon as the unvaccinated could travel outside of the State domestically. I work in the medical field and lived in a suburb surrounded by the medical profession. The GPs who weren’t afraid to report these events started getting phone calls from the Department of Health questioning their opinions and asking them to retract their reports and registrars/junior doctors working in hospitals were told to remove vaccine injury from patient notes by senior staff.

My mother was vaccine injured and did not report it to the VAERS system. I imagine others like her are part of why the US has poor data on vaccine side effects.

I live in Alberta, Canada. I worked for a group of general practitioners during the height of covid and the vaccine implementation. I can tell you first hand that the physicians I worked for purposefully did NOT report vaccine side effects regardless of their legal obligation to due so. When I inquired about it, it was strongly implied that I mind my own business.

Interesting. I am in BC and know my reported side affects were not reported as asked later and was told could not tell me and did not know who to direct me to.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. It's easy to delay it. These things are made by appointment only. They don't just happen on their own. The hospital protocols came first before any illness or death. Doctors decide who will die and when. Ventilators were forced on people who didn't need them. Patients were drugged, and their charts were changed to no code. While their families were barred from the hospital. In nursing homes, the elderly were left for days lying in their own feces, weighting to die.

  2. Frankly, I don't think he has any more to reveal or expand on. Can't he just play golf now or trout fish or something?

    The late Alan Watts counseled, "If you get the message hang up the phone." We got it: the response to SARS-CoC-2 and the mandated jabs were a huge fuck-up, and most likely nefarious, maybe evil. We can't undo that. But we can spend some time addressing things we can actually do something about: the millions of Americans in the Appalachians and on Indian reservations in 2023 who don't have running water in their homes, for example. There are better ways to spend our time than fretting after each vid from Dr Campbell.

  3. Dear Dr John …..My husband early 70's vaccinated X2 been has diagnoised both eyes with both Mucula & Glaucoma both eyes March this year. I'm puzzled that this has appeared without previous issues before now? He quite suddenly started having issues while we were on holiday. The macular is now requiring both eye injections. After 5 sessions the progression of the macular does not appear to be slowing or possibly responding to treatment. Is this normal or could there be other factors going on here? We live NZ.

  4. The side effects of this experiment will be ignored and swept under the rug…!!! Besides, reporting doesn't take the adverse reactions out of the
    bodies of those that are having them, and all the governments are just fine with that…!!! Great video.

  5. Again John, thank you so very much for your work in uncovering this dreadful mess, Truth telling these days is a hero's game, definitely not for the faint hearted. You demonstrate true leadership John, congratulations! Perhaps all Dr's could/should be mandated to enquire of patients how any new medication is going, are they creating any side effect etc? Also Drs should/could be mandated to report any and all adverse events/side effects to authorities. Then we could get an overall clear understanding of the pluses and minuses of pharmaceuticals.

  6. Just as our vice president Kamala Harris in the United States, stated that they want to reduce the population so the children can prosper and breathe more! iā€™m just so glad that I didnā€™t give into their wickedness and take the vaccine. As I see a lot of my friends have died from the vaccine and the ones that are still alive are having severe side effects from the vaccine, the government of the world is aiming at one world order, I heard this many many years ago never believed it but I do now !! šŸ˜¢

  7. So good to see this program.I had a very adverse reaction after getting my 4th vaccine being an mRNA shot followed 1 week later by Covid ! and then after negative a flu shot. I was in Hospital for nearly a week after emergency admission. 2 weeks after the vaccine Diagnosed as a type of Gillian Barre Condition. I reported this to TGA Directly vis their website. They replied they logged at as an adverse Vaccine reaction.
    If only TGA had a good protocol that said the vaccines had not been tested on humans and there was a real risk of side effects I might have avoided the vaccines. Interesting,y the Govt program for vaccine injury states Gillian Barre after The Vector Vaccine not mRNA even though the literature has examples of the latter well recorded. Still battling it all. Many thanks Dr.John.

  8. My 83 year old mom was in emerg because of a hip issue and in the hallway (hence the term hallway medicine) the emerg dr was talking to young man approx 20 who was in emerg for a racing heart and trouble breathing. I heard the dr say he was fine, his tests were clear and it was normal to get anxious and have a racing heart. I so wanted to ask if he was V because my older daughter ended up with a racing heart and was diagnosed with pericarditis after one shot of Pfizer. The doctor did say it was probably from the shot and this was when they first came out. Then she had shortness of breath and after being told she was fine and her tests were clear etc etc she saw a specialist and they found blood clots in her lungs. The doctors are telling people they "are fine". It's sickening. And she had to badger her dr to enter her info into Vaers.

  9. As someone working in mental health in Australia, Psychologists and Counsellors were threatened by their (respective) 'registration bodies' to positively encourage people to take the vaccine regardless, and treat people as if they were delusional when arguing against the vaccines. They were told this was required; and if not encouraging vaccine they would lose their registration. Some people even did lose their registration as the 'registration body' had deployed 'mystery shoppers' to counselling and psychology practices to 'catch people out'. Never once reported in the media; that is gas-lighting at a govt level.

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