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AHPRA denies bullying doctors while more than 100 are threatened

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is the professional body that registers medical practitioners. For example a doctor or nurse cannot work in those professions without approval from the AHPRA.

AHPRA can suspend a medical practitioner for breaching the Practitioner’s Code of Conduct.

Recently AHPRA amended the code to include instructions to medical professionals that they must support the Government’s vaccine agenda in their words and actions, or their registration would be reviewed.

Senator Roberts asked AHPRA how many medical professionals they have cautioned for wrong speak, placing their registration at risk. The figure was 108.

Of those 16 were then suspended, and a further 11 were suspended after defending their patient’s right to informed consent.

Unless a medical professional can talk openly with their patient, explain the procedure, explain the risks and explain alternatives a patient cannot give informed consent.

AHPRA’s actions are in conflict with long-established legal principles surrounding patient care. One Nation will continue to pursue this matter.

Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. The "best available evidence" he keeps referring to is the funded and controlled pseudo science written and manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies that are selling the drug in the first place. The REAL evidence and science behind everything to do with covid was ignored, obfuscated and demonized because it didn't = $$$

  2. When will laws change to Execute medical Doctors for malpractice ..murder Injury, hospitalization
    100,000 murdered Citizens in AU
    each year .murdered
    Government immunity to crimes .
    Same level of Pedarast crimes of Roman , Anglican priests commit under immunity .
    Why are these people out of jail practicing malpractice killings and drug company profits and murder for profit .
    Australia people did not vote these laws That the police inforce to protect criminals ..

  3. This AHPRA Representative is LYING through his teeth, and he knows it! I have so many friends who are clinicians, and at the start of the vaccine rollout, they were getting monthly emails reminding them of how they would be censured, disciplined, or de-registered if they spoke out against the current health policy, i.e. if they said anything negative about covid vaccines, and they were also told that their comments on social media could also be used against them in this regard. It was very clear to them, then they queried this, that their social media posts on ant platform could or would be monitored. We also have friends who have left their clinical roles because they saw a massive uptick in adverse events post vaccine and felt they could not speak publicly about what they were seeing based on the emails they were receiving which were initiated by AHPRA, in their understanding. This AHPRA representative knows this, and is obfuscating……Here is a sample from 2021, if YT will allow me to post it: "Registered health practitioners and students: What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout 09 Mar 2021 – The National Boards and AHPRA have published a joint statement today to help registered health practitioners and students understand what’s expected of them in giving, receiving and advising on and sharing information aboutCOVID-19 vaccination. KEY POINTS A joint position statement was published today about National Boards’ expectations of registered health practitioners and students in relation to COVID-19 vaccination. Registered health practitioners have led the remarkable public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, and we commend them for this sustained public health response. As the national vaccination program gets underway, registered health practitioners and students remain critical to this success by:

    being vaccinated against COVID-19 unless medically contraindicated; being appropriately qualified and trained to administer COVID-19 vaccines if authorised, and providing accurate information and advice about COVID-19 vaccination including in social media and advertising. The National Boards and AHPRA have published a joint statement today to help registered health practitioners and students understand what’s expected of them in giving, receiving and advising on and sharing information about COVID-19 vaccination. Co-chair of the Forum of NRAS Chairs and Pharmacy Board Chair, Mr Brett Simmonds, said all registered practitioners have a key role to play by ensuring they provide accurate, evidence-based information to patients aboutCOVID-19 vaccination.

    ‘National Boards support the vaccination program and encourage all registered health practitioners to get vaccinated unless medically contraindicated [We know many folks who were "contra-indicated", but their GP would not give them an exemption for fear of being investigated and/or de-registered, as did occur with a number of Victorian GP's who attemtped to issue exemptions at the start of the vaccine rollout – google it!]. ‘The codes of conduct for each of the registered health professions explain the public health obligations of registered health practitioners, including participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and meeting obligations on disease prevention,’ Mr Simmonds said. ‘THERE IS NO PLACE for anti-vaccination messages in professional health practice, and ANY PROMOTION OF ANTI-VACCINATION CLAIMS INCLUDING ON SOCIAL MEDIA, AND ADVERTISING MAY BE SUBJECT TO REGULATORY ACTION.’ [Please go to AHPRA's website and see what "regulatory action" entails – censure, discipline, de-registration. So this meant any clinicians who saw an up-tick in strokes, heart attacks, bells palsy, clotting, immediately after jabs, was not "free" to say anything for fear of censure, discipline, or de-registration – this was the reality on the ground.]

    Ahpra CEO, Mr Martin Fletcher, said it’s important that as part of the national response to the pandemic, Australia’s 800,000 registered practitioners and 193,800 students are aware of WHAT IS EXCPECTED OF THEM.

    ‘If you’re a registered health practitioner or student, the best thing to do is to read our joint statement. It explains the National Boards’ expectations of registered health practitioners about receiving, administering and sharing information about COVID-19 vaccination. It’s important you understand these expectations so that patients and communities are best protected against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.’

    The National Boards and Ahpra also acknowledge the exceptional leadership role played by many health practitioners in the public health response to COVID-19.

    ‘We thank Australia’s hardworking public health leaders who have provided remarkable leadership to protect the Australian community and continue to be key to our national COVID-19 defence,’ Mr Fletcher said.

    As part of the national vaccination rollout program, practitioners authorised to administer COVID-19 vaccines must complete specific COVID-19 vaccination training, as required by Commonwealth, state and territory governments. Training in the handling and administration of COVID-19 vaccines protects the public by supporting the vaccination program to be rolled out safely.

    All practitioners, including students on placement, must comply with local employer, health service or health department policies, procedures and guidelines on COVID-19 vaccinations.

    Concerns about the conduct or practice of a health practitioner can be reported on the

    Ahpra concerns submission portal ( cations/How-to-submit-a-concern.aspx)

    . National Boards will consider whether the practitioner has breached their professional obligations and will treat these matters seriously.

  4. They need to come together and show how they came to there decisions with evidence and the ones they are trying to silence can show how they came to there's. It's real easy to prove this every patience comes both sides need to be there and start with examining the blood of all those that have been vaccined and which shots they got and they from both sides need to be there and start with the autopsies. If u don't do that who's going to take your poison

  5. Consent without intimidation 😂😂. My first shot I was not given any info! When asked if I’ve ever had 2 particular clotting syndromes, I truthfully answered yes & they just sort of dismissed it and gave me the jab anyway! I had a reaction After the 1st Pfizer shot, went to my GP and they didn’t know what to say (fairly obvious they didn’t want to say anything!). I told them I was scared to have the 2nd shot but would lose my job. They told me all they could do was refer me to an immunologist- whose wait list was about 6mths, so I would lose my job anyway 😡. So I had the stupid 2nd shot!! I’ve had to quit my job and no longer work due to the side affects (confirmed by a specialist who is treating a few patients) – vertigo, tinnitus, exhaustion, brain fog, achy!! It’s a joke, Victorian Health rang me to book my 3rd shot – I told her no way and explained my situation. I asked if it was still true that you can only get an exemption if the vaccine kills you, in which case it’s a bit late, her reply was ‘yes’. Australia is not a free country anymore 😞

  6. This shows that AHPRA is striding with a leg on both sides of the fence, and consequently they are dodging having restricted doctors from obeying their proper code of practice in place of falling into line with unlawful Covid politics.
    They have clearly demonstrated that their deceitful operations are not anywhere near worthy of being in control of anything, let alone over the most important job that doctors have been taught to do and now are required to do within a set of unlawful rules that endanger the lives and well being of the public.
    They should immediately be sacked and taken before lawful Common Law Courts for the devastating operations that they have created and the ways in which they have deceived the public.

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