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AHPRA forces Doctors to break informed consent

Doctors across Australia have told us that they’re being intimidated into complying with the so-called government health advice – even against their own judgement.

Isn’t that bullying, and more over, isn’t that breaking the law?

Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. This is utter hypocrisy that big pharmika are allowed to operate in Australia utter hypocrisy the TGA went rouge lied about it all utter hypocrisy the stupid federal government doesn't tear up the immunity from prosecution on big pharmika they are a drug cartel should be classed as terrorist organisation bill gates should be charged for genocide Greg hunt should be charged 😢genocide this is beyond evil threatening harm to doctors surpassing ivermectin that would of saved lives people's jobs we demand a Royal commission everyone involved charged for crimes against humanity and the Australian people enough is enough

  2. What an absolute weasel! This smug prick might as well have said "We didn't threaten any Doctors and if they took it as such, well sucks to be them, they're liable anyway…". You nailed him with that 'personal legal advice' question Malcolm.

    I can hear the words of the great Dr. Robert Malone "Soon they will be saying; no one made you take it."

  3. So if they add in a clausule at the bottom in every directive that doctors should follow their medical expertise, government can make a directive on anything and be free of any litigation? Now that is some powerful fine print! It is an automated blame shifting to the doctors themselves in case of something going wrong. How could Australian doctors ever be ok with that? Wow!

  4. March seems to be the period allocated to start "The Great Reveal" . Seven days in, and a plethora of global macro news on how the Govts of the world have been criminally negligent and in some cases out right breaches of the Nuremburg code, like AHPRA. Next month or two should be fun for the sheeple. They get to play catch up. Although it will send most of them mad as hell. "Ordo ab Chao" is the MO of the architects of everything we are going through.

  5. Senator Roberts, thank you for your efforts 👌
    Soooooo, when will a fair & thorough bipartisan Royal Commission commence???

    Masks – made no difference

    Virus – Engineered by stupid scientists

    Vaccine – no effect on infection or transmission at all, made 100s of Billions of dollars for the corrupt corporations

    Media – stupid + corrupt

    Government and authorities and leaders- stupid + corrupt.

    No shame, no morals, no remorse, no repentance.

  6. daughter had to be vaxed… for work… she was given a printout of Canadian info, as Aussie info was unavailable…
    We later heard that because she wasn't pushing jabs (I refuse to call it a vax… because vaxes don't do what this one has caused), this doctor was hauled in front of her peers, and told to push it…! You see the kickbacks is the driver…
    The behaviour pattern is always repeated, if the perceived kickbacks are acceptable!

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