ALARMING: UK Passes Despotic New Censorship Law | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Musk's acquisition of Twitter was a psychological operation (psy-op).
    It appealed to those of us who value free speech, leading us to support this billionaire from the Big Tech industry, believing that he champions the cause of free speech.
    However, we must recognize that none of these Big Tech figures are aligned with our interests.
    They aim to suppress anyone who dares to challenge their agendas or regulations, specifically those they have in store for us.

  2. The UK is increasingly authoritarian, in goosestep with the US, EU etc. Out of 650 MP’s, Starmer was the only one invited to become a member of the US rightwing neo-con's Trilateral Commission. An organisation that believes, we, the people, have too much freedom, too much democracy. This explains how Starmer went from becoming an MP in 2015 to Labour leader in 5 years with the help of state broadcaster BBC which led the media demonising campaign against Corbyn. He's more authoritarian than many Tories. That's why the Establishment will ensure he's the next PM as the UK lurches increasingly authoritarian in goosestep with the US and EU etc. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Stormtrooper Starmer wanted more stringent restrictions than the Tories were imposing. It's no surprise Starmer went to Davos, trying to outdo the Tories as most-willing-puppet-of-the-WEF. Stormtrooper Starmer purged the leftwing activists from the Labour Party. As one victim of his purge said in the Al Jazeera documentary 'Labour Files'. "The Labour Party is a criminal conspiracy against its members."

  3. Glenn is not yet aware of this further development in the UK:

    The UK Attorney General issued, on 22 September, a Media Advisory Notice. Note that the police have not currently announced an investigation and, more precisely, there have been no charges or arrests

    The statement reads:

    "The Attorney General, the Rt Hon Victoria Prentis KC MP, wishes to amplify the importance of not publishing any material where there is a risk that it could prejudice any potential criminal investigation or prosecutions.

    Publishing this material could amount to contempt of court.

    The Attorney General’s Office is monitoring the coverage of these allegations. "

  4. The public have handed the responsibility if monitoring their children's online activity over to the government. Instead if actively parenting their kids, they prefer that the 'mechanicdl nanny' ,in bedrooms across the country, be controlled by a handful of zealots. When i grew up, i stopped needing to be nannied. If real crime us committed online, isn't it up to the Poluce to do their job?
    Britain is no longer a Democracy….. it's official.

  5. When the government talks about "safety" they aren't talking about the citizens safety. They are talking about their own safety. If the truth came out about the massive crimes they commit, some of the people in government would end up in jail. Free speech is not safe for corrupt governments.

  6. Dear Glenn: The Internet that was originally released in 1990 was destined to lead to the chaos that we are experiencing today. That's because the Internet was unwisely designed to be a completely unregulated "free for all" with no "lines in the road". Indeed the Internet needs to be regulated but who voted for it in the 1st place ??? The Internet was originally sold to us by Big Business and didn't arise from any rational choice of the people or the Govt. Indeed the Internet needed to be somehow regulated from Day #1 but the neglect of doing that has led to this inevitable confusion.

  7. Remember when sites would use censoring bots to block "harmful" content? The upshot was that it became impossible to mention the comic strip Dick Tracy, the poet Anne Sexton, or to tell a sob story. Now imagine that 1000 times more annoying. Time to bring back paper and pen, kids. Time to bring back hand written notes passed around.

  8. And in the Uk, Parliament is supreme. There is no recourse but through the political process, which means the ballot box. If watching the country that gave us the Common Law descend into tyranny isn’t enough to wake up Americans, then our democratic republic is doomed. And we don’t need to look across the pond to see what happens next. Just look to the north.

  9. Perhaps the outcome of this bill will be the infamous but predictable unintended consequence. If the web does become a tepid, milk toasty place, why would anybody spend time there? Let’s face it, most of humanity does not use the web to become knowledgeable anyway. They use it for the titillation and serotonin hit it provides. Perhaps we might be better off if nobody logged on. There was such a time, as I recall. My recollection is, the average person was not significantly less informed, but they were less misinformed and, more important, people as a whole were less polarized. Do I believe censorship is good? Hell no, but then where we are today is not the nirvana the web promised us a few decades ago.

  10. First they censored RT & Press TV, then they went after independent media like Consortium News. They are trying to mute BDS and other anti Zionist groups . They are currently trying to censor Roger Waters. They talk about change but they are censoring the voices of change like Russel Brand. This fascist like policies are a threat to democracy

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