Alberta gov’t says provinces could have solved issues without Emergencies Act | See all of our coverage of the commission!
In closing remarks, the lawyer representing the Alberta government at the Trucker Commission tells the inquiry that the provinces could have solved issues faced by protests through provincial means and without the federal Emergencies Act.

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  1. Well said but will it ALSO be ignored like the will of the Canadian taxpayer has been ignored since this authoritarian REGIME took complete control of our once beautiful and once free nation?! I can only assume so in light of knowing that the so-called Canadian 'Justice' System has been entirely COMPROMISED! We have ZERO REASONS to trust these people, EVER AGAIN and I WON'T! 🤮

Absolute CHAOS in China

Absolute CHAOS in China.

Convoy never met proper definition of national emergency Canadian Constitution

Convoy never met ‘proper definition’ of national emergency: Canadian Constitution Foundation