Alex Jones & Kanye West Just Broke The Internet

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  1. Thing was… Hitler didn't actually bring any of those things "to the table", as Ke said…. OTHER Germans did while under the Nazi regime. Hitler himself, as a person, was a psychopath that threw tantrums and shot his own generals and advisors when they gave him bad news.

  2. Hitler was the first one to bring out Social Security he was the first one to bring in child endowment which means you get paid every month every child you have the first one to bring out pension first one to bring out free medical for his people agree did bring out a lot of good things you're so done some terrible things in fact I say done more harm than good and he brought out the people's car which now known as Volkswagen

  3. Now in Hindsight, There's Not Much. Tim Could've Done. Kanye's Psychological Breakdowns on. Timcast & Alex Jones. Was Incredibly Hilarious & Insane. I Believe Kanye is Bipolar. Ye Walking Out was Childish & Cowardice. & His episode on Info Wars was Unhinged. Wether it was by. Meds or if He's. Always Had a Mental issue. Ye is Clearly Unhinged. However Still has Freedom of Speech. Doesn't Mean People Have to Believe Ye.

  4. Look I think Kanye should have a right to free speech just like everyone, but he sounds no better than a raving homeless druggie. And to all those who agree with what he’s saying and celebrating it, I guess my question is why? You can have genuine concerns about certain topics or groups of people that might ruffle a few feathers while stopping short of saying hit1er was a great guy. Seriously. Would you people take these words as gospel if they were spoken by the town drunk too? SMH

  5. In Ye's defense. I like Hitler too. I dont like the genocide. But i like some of the other things he implemented that were ahead of his time like child and wildlife protection laws, the 1st in the world. Smoking bans in public establishments.

    You cant deny the guy was a genius. He was just a little fked up.

  6. I mean he's not wrong about them controlling the wealth…. Rothschild's own part of the federal reserve and there's 3 other families that own it as well …. And guess what they are also Torah readers… My family are Jews.. on my mother's side. This shit comes to light and people laugh. It's been this way before WW2 ok… They even own the bank of London 😂 imagine how the catholics felt back before the inquisition 😂 selling get out of sin free cards with Jewish 🤑💰… I don't hate my people I just want them to be held accountable and be brought to light for the shit they are apart of. Do they all deserve to die ** no but will they? No 😂. They do control media schools etc

  7. I felt really bad for Alex Jones watching that… Fuentes and Kanye and all that anti-jewish crap is really fucking cringe to me. It reminds me of the alt-right crap with Spencer and Tia Tequilla and all that crap in 2016. Na2i shit creeps me out. It creeps me out that Biden is arming the Azov boys in Ukraine. WTF is with all this Na2i shi7 all of a sudden.

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