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Krystal and Saagar bring on Matt Zeitlin to break down the implications for the banking sector after the government back stops depositors lost funds.

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  1. It appears that Krystal is confusing corporate dems with libertarians. The tech heads aren’t libertarian. Maybe in their dreams but certainly not anywhere in practice but I guess that’s what you see if you imagine America to be a capitalist system. She gets her ideologues confused more and more often.

  2. The depositors should be protected. The $250k limit is not practical in the present.

    The problem is lack of regulation. Taxpayer (federal) funds are never on the hook because fed tax $$ are simply removed from the economy when redeemed.

    Do not blame or punish depositors or punish them for this. Those depositors include small businesses that employ people. Place the blame on bank execs, lobbyists who fight regulations, and the politicians who deregulate or fail to regulate these banks.

    I suggest you invite Robert Hockett to discuss this. Also, invite William Black.

  3. Im sure Gov Gav called the white house and begged to help this bank out as this is where his wifes "fondation" launders the tax money through. The Big Guy probably gave the money to the bank on stipulation Gav wont run for prez! We will know know soon.

  4. Who will come up with the billions upon billions to cover deposits that should not be covered? How will banks pay the Treasury back if they don't have money? The Clinton administration repealed Glass Steagall and Trump got rid of Dodd-Frank. None of this would've happened if "woke" regulations were in place. Firing executives? Who gives a shit? The elite executives are fired with millions of dollars in their pockets while they play golf in Hawaii. We, the working class are the fools. What's happening now is no different than the coverup happening in East Palestine. The working class made these cronies rich with the help of our federal government. You think these guys will see jail time? Hell no they won't. We need rage! Where the hell is the rage?

  5. We don’t know that “all banks are now too big to fail.” We only know that all banks holding uninsured deposits of politically connected billionaires will be rescued. Wait for some Midwest banks with no billionaire money to get in trouble. Then we’ll see what happens …

  6. The FED has always been the lender of last resort. Preventing a liquidity crisis from turning into solvency crisis is common sense. There was always an implicit guarantee to ensure all banking deposits by the FDIC. Characterizing this as a bailout is ridiculous. SVB is not getting bailed out, the shareholders and bondholders are getting crushed.

  7. 🏦 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃

    The US bank system is the titanic. And it’s already hit the iceberg. What you’re watching is the band playing music to keep you entertained, and give the first class passengers time to take all the lifeboats.

    It’s time to grab a life jacket and jump ship.

    Get your money out NOW

  8. The worst of this is not discussed here. This will destroy the value of your money, your savings, your wages. This will destroy what is left of the international financial system

    Gold or bitcoin a serious option to takeover from the US dollar as world reserve

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