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Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the latest from the Israeli-US war on Palestine, from Hassan Nasrallah’s momentous speech in Beirut to the conflict inside Gaza, and the battle across the West for the right to speak out against the war.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. By dictionary definition, Israel's Zionist genocide of all non-Jews in Palestine is vividly apparent.
    And US admin sponsors it! Since 1946-48.
    By definition, the concentration camp of Gaza, now half its size(13 milesX 5 miles) still crammed tight with 2.2 million civilians(1 million children) is pounded by Israel's warheads(16,000 tonnes of hi-tech warheads in 4 weeks) landing on hospitals,schools,UNRWA shelters(Mr Blinken),churches,mosques!
    That's ethnic cleansing of the most brutal kind.
    Who would have thought that extremist Zionism would mimic the filthy Nazi Holocaust?
    Who would have thought Israel would mimic Nazi supremacism, racism and such hateful Amalek "revenge," on non-Jews?
    Well, those of us alive since WW2 did think it, because we've borne witness to it every year since 1948.
    Israel's greatest enemy is extremist Zionism(Christian and Jewish). Because peace is the biggest obstacle to Zionist violent genocide of non-Jews, in a once-pluralistic Palestine.
    How can proud Israeli's allow Israel's own destruction, by supremacist Zionism?
    I guess, the same way Germans allowed hateful Nazism to destroy a proud Germany.
    Deja Vu.
    Bravo Max and Aaron. So well-informed still!
    Israeli's deserve SO MUCH BETTER than brutal Zionism. Netanyahu doesn't care about Israeli hostages, he is only focused on Zionist supremacism and comoleting the Zionist 'final solution'. Hamas gave him that perfect excuse.

  2. With civil society all over the world coming out in support of the Palestinian people and their historic rights in unprecedented numbers your role as journalists giving information and analysis not seen in the "main stream media" is more important than ever. I encourage all to support the Grayzone's independent journalism financially and morally. Thanks, Max and Aaron and all others at The Grayzone.

  3. You guys are so THIRSTY for Jewish blood. You want it so bad !!
    But you have to hide that evil in you.
    So you PRETEND to give a flying F about Palestinians.
    Hey. That's like a "human morality shield".
    We see RIGHT through you.
    How you love Hamas & Hizballah

  4. A new generation of Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupation, genocide and ethnic cleansing is rising from the rubble of bombed concentration camp Gaza and occupied West Bank. That's how stupid Zionists are. Because the Palestinians will never leave their ancestral lands. They are strong and proud and fight on to the last man, woman.
    That should give Zionist supremacy a perfect excuse to continue ethnic cleansing, by murdering non-Jewish children(wiping out to extinction)?

    Remember, the number 'one million' is sacred to Jews, because the Nazi's slaughtered one million Jewish children.
    But Israeli Zionists in Israel see ine million dead NON-Jewish children as triumphant?
    Therein lies the rub of Absolutist hyocrisy.
    Zionist leaders in Israel are leading all Israel down a very dark path of self-destruction.

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