Andrew Tate Chat Logs Leaked By Authorities

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Written by Romanian TVee

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  1. Im no expert but ,cam sites are Haraam
    casinos are haraam
    And MLM (pyramid schemes) are haraam.
    Basically the things that made him money are considered dishonest business practices in Islam.
    That being said innocent until proven guilty is always the best practice

  2. Tate acts like a conservative Muslim, closely following the behavior of the founder of the religion: .

    Hence, I demand everyone stop their bigotry towards this man.

    I have Muslim friends in Belgium, wonderful people, that do not observe the example set forth by Muhammad in the Quran and Hadidh, but I have a hard time considering them real Muslims.

    The same way I have a hard time considering others Christians, when they don't act like Christ.

    I'm old school, to me that is the litmus test, not a formality. I find such people just as odd as Atheists praying to some deity everyday or caring about the hororscope.

    Others have much lower standards, I realize that.

  3. I don't like or hate Andrew Tate, but everything I've learned about him has been completely against my will. And every time I give my two cents on the matter I get attacked by his supporters and haters. It's stupid and annoying. I wish people would just shut up about this guy already.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if he is money laundering for the Taliban.
    Also, how that business goes, he will have millions from them, and probably from other 'customers' – as long he is in jail, they will be out of money – so of course they want him out, they want their money and drop him as fast as possible.

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