Another Visit Down The Rabbit Hole: On Inflation

I go down the rabbit hole with George to discuss inflation, what really caused it and what needs to be done to fix it. We cover the role of central banks, global non-elected non-government entities, and cbdc.

As always these chats will question some underlying assumptions and some will find that disturbing…

Thanks to George for the edit.

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  1. I love your work and your insight Martin but I too wonder, like George, how you can’t see through the Climate Agenda. I am an Environmental Scientist and like George I have an Environment Agenda but I am constantly disheartened that so many of the real pressing Environmental concerns are ignored. In the words of H L Mencken
    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    This is the whole climate scam being imposed on us, run by big corporations and government funnelling $billions of subsidies and spending into Boondoggle projects while destroying our quality of life, while big Banks finance and skim untold profits through bogus carbon trading schemes.
    We all need to wake up and push back against it

  2. @ 18 mins. exactly what john Adams says. Everything will plump back up and than bag!.. shit will hit the fan.. outside problem.. cyber attack etc.. and 70% of people in massive debt will do what.?? they will take the solution the bankers come up with.. CBCD

  3. Absolutely @nix594 this channel drops nothing but truth bombs.

    We are indeed indebted to Martin to continue running this channel despite having lost a dearly loved one last year.

    If you happen to read this note, Martin, please take good care of yourself and your Australian audience remains truly tuned into DFA as you now broadcast from your bath in Bath!

  4. "you will own nothing and be happy". I think what is meant by this is that over the coming years more and more new things will be issued as a service. Like you'll rent your own car. You'll rent your own property. You'll rent your own phone. etc

    And we are halfway there already.

  5. There is no evidence at all that i have ever heard of, that normal scale printing money by itself causes inflation, Japan is a great counter example, and there are no examples of normal printing money causing inflation IF THERE IS NO SCARIFTY of the good that has its price inflate.
    The "money tree on an island" is not real world conditions, because why would you be willing to be ripped off, if you had an extra 5000$ in the bank? Again, Japan. Inflation of COST OF LIVING is housing, electricity & food: all of which have been impacted a lot by scarcity & /or price gouging of each one or their imputs.
    A logical solution them would be to create abundance of housing (e.g. Vienna), electricity (nuclear) & basic food (EU style subsidies) to make them cheap. Has been proven to work when done, so how is it deniable that it works?
    Rationing basic goods is also a tried and tested solution.


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