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APRA’s Dirty Little Secret

Just before Christmas APRA advised the imposition of a 1% Counter Cyclical Capital Buffer on Australian Banks. Interesting timing, seeing as the Bank For International Settlements had set 2023 as the required date. Up to this point APRA has argued a 1% buffer was not needed in Australia – so what changed?

So, we wonder, are they being forced to comply. and what does this mean for our “strong” banks as interest rates rise and lending slows?

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  1. Thanks Martin. What are your thoughts on the RBA review? Has anyone involved pointed out the risks with their policy years ago, or are they all people who are pointing it out now the horse has bolted?

    I'm wondering if this review will end up being another exercise in futility.

  2. Hi Martin, I saw this about APRA earlier today and wondered if a video was coming. I still don’t completely understand what this means though so I am hoping you may re go over it for those (me) who don’t completely understand economics. Does it impact the serviceability buffer for a mortgage for new loans in 2023 or is it a KPI for banks internally? I’ll rewatch again to see if I can pick more up.

  3. I could not help but notice in the comments , a remarkably sensible worded request from Cindy , seeking the views/opinions etc.from Martin North at DFA regarding apra/banks/mortgage rates serviceability etc. for 2023 . The DFA casual remark that maybe not too many people would notice the officially required release of information being so very close to Christmas really left me with a feeling that I would feel really awful if I didn’t comment . Comments from economists everywhere , except for the so called western world , really highlighted how cleverly we are shielded from understanding the full extent of our true economic situation . With great admiration and respect to DFA and People like Cindy , From Robert Of Australia 🇦🇺.

  4. What do people expect when the Westminsterclowns and their corporate fascist political donors only implement puppy farm economic models.

    Every available political option is another version of the same flawed reasoning.

    Blue, red, green and the independent included.

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