Assange “could be headed to the US in weeks” — WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Speaks to Glenn Greenwald

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In this excerpt from our pre-launch, Glenn sits down with WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, to discuss the ongoing political persecution of Julian Assange. The full interview is freely available here:

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. A minor Australian party, the Citizens Party, sees possible movement on the Arrange case, with major US newspapers of varied political persuasions calling for his release.
    Politicians are taking prepared questions in the Australian parliament indicating something may be going on in the background.

  2. I am an avid supporter of Julian Assange’s freedom. But I disagree with people who say that he exposed “war crimes”. He exposed the dirty truth of war that sometimes innocents get caught in the line of fire. War is horrific. I have no problem with dirt being exposed. But I do have a problem with trying to accuse the people who pulled the trigger of being guilty of “war crimes”. Those men were operating in the chain of command and didn’t know they were taking out civilians. It’s wrong to charge them with murder.

  3. The main problem is fake democracy in the US and UK. The 20 year-long Princeton University research in 2014 revealed/confirmed the fact the US is corporate-controlled and serves the corporations not the people. The UK has an unelected head of state and an unelected second chamber. All new laws must have royal accent before being passed and the unelected monarch can dissolve Parliament. Like the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan was based on false flags i.e. lies. Nine eleven was the "new Pearl Harbor" false-flag the neo-cons said they needed in the 'Project for the New American Century', to get public support to invade Afghanistan, the first of the middle east countries on their conquest list for relentless empire-building etc., the war industry etc. Most people don't even know a third building – WTC7- collapsed. Its collapse in free-fall time is the most obvious evidence nine eleven was an inside job. The Commission Report said it collapsed "due to office fires". It's impossible for a steel-framed building to collapse in free-fall time due to fire. It can only happen due to controlled demolition.

  4. I am puzzled on many levels with the Assange case. Firstly the US government is going to prove that Assange assisted in the theft of materiel? With Manning? Also he has spent over 10 years in self imprisonment instead of addressing the charges in court? When its doubtful that the government has a case. It seems more of a drama than an actual an actual court case

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