Assange Extradition Appeal REJECTED—US Trial Could Be Imminent | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Every single domestic and international debacle of the past 40 years, has had Joe Biden cosigning.
    Does anyone believe that Joe Biden has the wherewithal to understand the consequences of what his class is doing to journalism? I don't think he could 20 years ago. 

    Joe Biden…is a fool. Was a fool, will die a fool. A malevolent fool, yes. But a fool nevertheless.

  2. Reporters Without Borders presents themselves as a toothless tiger. (And do they not also have a severely tarnished rep? I think regarding the Ukraine war.)
    And with that stance they are up against a criminal legal system that doesn't have to care about bad public perception anymore. Besides, they are likely more afraid of letting him go after all this, because the implication following is severe.

  3. it is now revealed to all that are not indifferent that the US is an oligarchy and an empire and its interests are entirely without concern for the well being of anyone except its small ruling class. The world should be severely apprehensive, true freedom, not the commodified faux freedom we have been groomed, coerced and threatened to accept by a transnational oligarchy, is slipping out of reach.

  4. British courts have no reason to believe any “make nice” reassurances given by the Biden administration. BIDEN IS AN INVETERATE LIAR! HIS ENTIRE CAREER IS STREWN WITH ACCUSATIONS PROVEN TRUE OF LIES AND PLAGIARISM!

    The only true utterance by Biden since he started his fourth — finally successful — run for president is that nothing will change. And boy, was THAT true!

    Why isn’t Australia fighting for Assange, an Australian citizen? Pardon my lack of knowledge of the state of affairs. Assange is NOT an American citizen, so how can he be hunted down and tried in American courts for publishing newsworthy information?

    Assange must be frightened by the consequences of the growing worldwide authoritarian government. I sure am. Aren’t y’all?

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