Assange: The Truth They’ve Been Hiding from You

Julian Assange, creator of Wikileaks, is an activist who has dedicated his life to exposing the lies and corruption of some of the most powerful governments on earth. He’s been honored with countless prestigious journalism awards, yet he languishes in prison under horrendous conditions, vilified as an enemy of the state. It’s hard for the average person to know what to think about Assange, because for over a decade his actions have been shrouded in a fog of conflicting narratives and media portrayals — That is by design.

In this video we’ll expose 6 lies about Assange that have been deliberately used to distract us from what is one of the most important precedent-setting cases for freedom of speech of our generation. If there’s one thing you should take away from this, it’s that most of what you think you know about Assange is false.

00:00 Intro
03:03 Recap of Assange’s Case
05:40 Lie #1: Unredacted Document Dump
09:19 Lie #2: People Were Hurt
10:49 Lie #3: Hacked into Government Computers
16:10 Lie #4: Not a Real Journalist
16:48 Lie #5: “He’ll Be Safe”
17:55 Lie #6: Reasons for Leaving the Embassy
20:50 Assange is a Political Prisoner
21:44 Journalism is in Jeopardy
22:46 What Can You Do?

This case represents a critical juncture for the future of press freedom. It doesn’t matter whether you like Assange or not, or whether you’ve bought into the mainstream narratives against him. You should be very worried about the fate of journalism around the world.

It is time to recognize the stakes at hand and demand an end to this ordeal. Free Assange, and in doing so, protect the future of press freedom.

Special thanks to Assange’s Father and Brother, John and Gabriel Shipton, for their fight.

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  1. This is a great video for anyone that is not familiar with the Assange situation. Anyone that values freedom of press knows that Assange did nothing wrong and he should never been jailed, rotting away. Shame on the entire journalist profession that at best ignores him and, at worst, vilified him. Most continue to not speak up on his behalf as he continues to rot in jail.

    Maybe this wasn't the video for it, but this did not convey the lengths our government went out to get him. For anyone wanting to learn more, they should look up Chris Hedges, who really nails the point. He really shines the light on much they hate him the way they went after him.

  2. It clearly shows the how the power of the CIA erodes the Justice system. They are a protection racket for deep state criminals.
    Who installed these horrible Nazis to hijack America and foreign policy. It is a stupid game of crooked warlords they seek to hide.

  3. This reporter claims that Wikileaks did not release or leak the documents – but she also says that Wikileaks let at least five different news organizations from five different countries look at them (6:00). Allowing the press to handle classified documents is typically called "releasing the information." Who with any experience in handling classified documents would do this? Then, she acts shocked that some journalist released them on a more widespread fashion (7:00). At 9:00, she states that Julian Assange received blame for the release; this is correct: He is the one that initially released the information. To believe that he could do so and remain in control of it after the release was hugely naïve.

  4. Just another sycophant of the Assange cult. This preening narcissist /hacker and wannabe pseudo journalist released unvetted files that in some cases ruined lives but you will never hear about that from his legions of obsequious bores in the Assange cult. Sorry, Mr Assange you are no Leonard Peltier

  5. Its all over the world will only get worse. NOONE is trying to stop the evil people no one trying to make the world better. There nothing good coming in the future. This is why people are all just killing them selfs, Killing others. Theres nothing but evil left in man.

  6. Assange disclosed the American communist acts and crimes against citizens and foreign civilians. He upset the bush and ovomit regimes and disclosed their crimes and agenda. This is stalinist and 100% to cover the communist politicians butts in England and the United States. Hitlery is the only person who committed espionage but she is a longtime communist so nothing will happen to her.

  7. Should everyone really get to know the methods the intelligence agencies use to gather information? At the end of the day, an intelligence agency that shows its cards makes for very weak security for the agents on missions around the Earth so it's understandable that the US is pissed about this leak. I've read through some of the documents of Vault 7 and some of the stuff in there should definitely not be made available to non-allied countries. Vault 7 basically allows enemies to track CIA hacks by fingerprinting them and that's legitimately going to endanger innocent agents who use the hacks made for them by the engineering team.

    What Assange did is reckless even if legal and the constitution is just wrong about this honestly. It shouldn't be legal to publish the source code to an intelligence agency's inner workings for the same reason it's illegal to publish the source code that leaked out of a game studio. The release of Vault 7 is a copyright violation in a lot of ways.

  8. I watched a John Pilger Documentary, utube, on what the USA did to the Marshall Islands in the Pacific when they tested a bomb there. The people, through the radiation developed numerous Cancers. Their land was rendered no good through Radiation. It was heart wrenching. Free Assange!

  9. As citizens, we have all seen some pretty evil looking governmental behavior over the last few years. However, most of us are all at a disadvantage because it comes through a powerful media window, where error and no loyalty to truth can make reality and fiction look the same. Though this clip makes me mad, I have to keep myself from emotionally jumping to a conclusion. Media is at it's core a merchandising entity that comes dressed up as news or entertainment. Be it a product, ideology or information most every presentation ultimately works to manipulate the viewer to action or a belief. Every story has two sides, and even with good intent, when only one side is presented by default merchandising gets the advantage over reliability, because there is no check and balance. Thus, if any new alternative media is to be more valuable to us viewers than the now totally fake mainstream, it must be very dedicated to truth and accuracy ahead of merchandising. This alternative sight has potential, but as a new viewer, it already failed my first fact check, when referring to Mr. Manning.

  10. "Journalists holding governments accountable"

    Right, that's why Assange refused leaks on the Russian government, military, intelligence, and their involvement in Ukraine leading to 2014, even though Wikileaks staff members and their families suffered at the hands of the Russian corrupt system 🤔

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