Asset Forfeiture – The Erosion of Property Rights in Canada – with Lawyer Wes Mussio

Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland’s Government is using the guise of the Russian Ukraine conflict to remove fundamental property rights of every citizen in Canada. The concept of asset forfeiture for political reasons, without due process, though it may feel good used against a bad person, is a dangerous president in a free and open society. The Government could use this power against anyone it disagrees with.

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  1. Courts and Judges are supposed to protect the people. This is a total breakdown in trust – they won't get it back. So, they are either really stupid – OR they have another game plan and we just can't believe that they would do that. But it's getting pretty obvious now…

  2. Where dissident is defined as anyone who doesn't cave to the ideology of The Liberal Party of Canada and Conservatives in particular. Wonder when Lustin will do what he really wants and end any Party that is not sufficiently far to the Left ?? It's amazing how far in that direction HIMSELF and his owners have moved said Party. It's not your parents Libs anymore.

  3. We are living in a Fascist regime in Canada now and no one knows it! It took a freedom convoy to show this on the world scale. The “camps” jails are already built for the people who he dehumanized in that interview. Our Supreme Court is corrupted by activists and not people who care for the law of people. This is a very scary time! The liberals know they’re on the way out so they need to cement themselves into the position…. Totalitarian!

  4. your so wrong Clyde about us not being involved in the russia / ukerain war…any time you help fund a war you are now involved and have taken a side and essentially are a part of that war…so we ARE at war with russia, dont get that wrong and if you think we are not go ask Putin if we are

  5. The current government doesn't f…..g care for Canadians. It's like they are looking at making it really bad for the next government, and next to impossible to be successful in their leadership term. Trying to look good to Klaus and the followers and maybe trying to have a better chance for themselves to be elected again in 9 years of so from now.

  6. K. First. Real Estate is Not Allodial title!! It only makes you a title holder under their card game. The Territory governance corporate service crews liquidating the wealth of the nation…through your public security trust you never read the numerous Security acts nor the Federal Vital Statistics acts where they pay themselves from the trust and from your pocket!
    You have to amend your record and go through the British Land Act and the registrar general to obtain Allodial title to your plot of land! Stop watching tv and start reading your Legislative acts, Historical statutes and foundational rules of law they scammed you to party away!!

  7. I have no sympathy for the illegal landlords or hell legal investors who think its a good idea to ride on their coattails sucking up over 10 properties each trying to extort Canadian citizens tax free from their Caribbean havens or home countries in Russia, China, India and the Middle East. Take the properties back. By all means. They belong to Canadians. These folks have already proven they don't believe in Canada and we're just someone to prey on.

    The only folks who disagree with this are investors and tax evaders. You folks haven't helped the community in years. So why should we care about your rights? You didn't care about ours. Now the bubble is bursting.

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