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Aussies can’t afford Kids

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Our country is in serious trouble.


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  1. I know many in late 20s and early 30s that are married trying to pay Uni fees and want a stable roof over thier heads get just near 20% and prices have gone up so cant afford to buy so are trapped paying fortune in rents. Many of the other cost of raising kids can be kept down but the price of housing renting or buying means both have to work nowdays to meet basic cost of living expences childcare crushes one side shelter cost the other. Both parents work to become debt slaves to the banks for shelter with very little buffer.

  2. Although never heard of the baby subscription service Pebbl, I'm pretty sure the hipster marketers of this company meant it to be pronounced exactly like 'pebble'. It's the classic think of a normal word, and then make it hip or weird by dropping the last vowel.

  3. 100% agree it’s the best thing in the world having a family. Some parents have encouraged their children not to have kids early because they felt like they missed out in life by having a family young. Then these kids turn 30 and realise they can’t afford a family with cost of living etc and think they have one or two late 30s early 40s?So sad. I’m glad I had kids before I knew what the future would be like with houses being so expensive etc 4 kids mid 30s & we’re still renting unfortunately but yeah otherwise I mightn’t have done it and not have known what I was missing out on.

  4. Say you grow up in a suburban middle class home with parents working regular jobs, if Mum worked at all. Now you and your partner both work above-average jobs and can't even afford the dodgy house in the dodgy suburb. You try regional but the housing crisis is worse and the work isn't there. In the end you compromise for an apartment or always moving around in rentals. You look around and realise despite all the hard work your child won't have it half as good as you did. It's at that point people just give up. 

    For me it's not the cost. I'm just sitting around in my old 2-bedder questioning how I'd ever get my kids into a proper home like I had.

  5. I grew up in the 70's. I had a old ice-cream tub with a few plastic soldier and matchbox cars. Those were my only purchased toys. We spent our days outside playing cowboys and Indians, playing footy with a rolled up newspaper as our football and cricket with an old tennis ball and a paling from the fence.We turned out just fine.

  6. Ivs got 3 kids under 8. One autistic. My partner is stay at home mum. We get no centrelink cos I earn too much. I coukd afford a million dollar mortgage now. As a plumber I can make good enough money to do all this..but to get a loan for a million dollars to live in a sufficient area for the family is the hard part

  7. I think its more important that kids are born into a supportive and loving family rather than a financially fit. The benefits of 2 loving parents who work together to raise their child is very important. Whether that couple be married, separated or divorced. If the parents get along with each other for the sake of raising the child and that the child knows they are loved. Kids don't care if you own your own home or rent. Buy second hand, make basic family meals, find free stuff to do as a family and love your kids as hard as you can. Nobody has any guarantee that the next 20 years is going to be smooth sailing in any area of life. Have a family when you feel you're ready to be a parent.

  8. There is some common sense required. No way do children cost what these surveys say they do. But, it does take common sense. As parents you need to focus on NEEDS rather than WANTS. Some people have too many kids they then can't provide for because of this (and pretty much all of the points you make). We raised two bio kids and four foster kids (one at a time) on one wage and paid off a house at the same time – and no, it wasn't back when Adam was a boy.

  9. The $8k cost per year is massively understated if you need to have your kids in daycare. My son is nearly 2 and childcare costs are $714/fortnight alone. That's after the government subsidies too.

    We have bought very few clothes and toys as we've simply got hand me downs from my older siblings and friends who's kids have grown up.

  10. People should consider moving regional Queensland heaps cheaper to raise family…. move back to Brisbane when finances better both parents working etc…. sometimes need to look outside the box to get ahead… it can be done and it's what my parents did when interest rates were 18%.
    Totally agree kids are not as expensive as media says they are

  11. I always get weird remarks when I say we'd love 6+, people instantly assume we're in some weird Christian cult out here in the rural area. Nothing like that, we just have heaps of space and love kids, they think we're crazy but we'd rather surround ourselves with kids than iPads and yeezeys.

  12. Unless you want to raise spoiled, privileged brats, they dont actually cost that much. Think simple, for example, State schools, cost free pleasures like the beach, parks, good basic food, clothes from op shops, reading books, basic toys and good disciplined up-bringing . Of course if you want to send little lord fonkliroy to St bottomtooth gramma, its gunna cost you a bomb!

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