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Australia Agrees To Build US Missiles; US Dismisses Australian Concerns About Assange

Two different news stories about US-Australian relations have broken at around the same time, and together they sum up the story of US-Australian relations as a whole. In one we learn that Australia has agreed to manufacture missiles for the United States, and in the other we learn that Washington has told Australia to go suck eggs about its concerns regarding the US persecution of Australian journalist Julian Assange.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone

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  1. I think it should be abundantly clear by now that Albanese, Wong et al have no intention of lifting a finger to assist Assange in any meaningful way and never did from the start. Since Bob Hawke's election, the Australian Labor Party has joined the Liberal Party as little more than a CIA /MI6 asset.
    Never forget who it was that kept the Australian trade union movement on a tight leash when the Whitlam Labor government was dismissed in a Constitutional coup d'etat engineered by MI6, the CIA and the Liberal/Country party in 1975.
    None other than Bob Hawke.

  2. The International Bankster Elites control of the "Five Eyes" nations is so very tyrannical. The People of the World (OUR world, folks!) need to realize that a GLOBAL DIGITAL PANOPTICON-LIKE PRISON is being constructed by the tyrannical Corporate Globalists. We MUST NOT allow it! Rise, Resist, and Deny the Corporate Globalists EVERYWHERE on OUR planet!

  3. You could say that this will probably prove to be disastrous for Australia but if you look deeper into it youā€™ll find it hilarious.
    Australiaā€™s manufacturing industries were sold off 20 years ago and now rely on imported goods, I have to ask ā€œwere will the components that are to be used for these missiles be sourced from ā€œ, I am betting that they will come from China just like 99% of anything available here.
    Now thatā€™s funny !!


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