Australia is being run by autocrats – Senate Speech 7.03.23

Last week I spoke in the chamber about the performance of Prof Skerritt in estimates. Like many bureaucrats, he is incapable of giving a straight and honest answer.

Most of the issues I have raised in earlier posts but you will be surprised by a cameo appearance by Labor Senator Tim Ayers who tried to stop me from calling out Skerritt’s abysmal performance.

Death tax Timmy is pretty full of himself at the best of times, but he is particularly inflated after his recent trip to Switzerland where according to his own website:
“This week I will travel to Switzerland and Italy to strengthen Australia’s trade partnerships and advance Australia’s trade and investment interests.

In Switzerland, I will attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting where I will engage with ministerial counterparts and global business leaders. I will use the opportunity to promote Australia as an attractive investment destination and discuss action required to address a range of economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges. A key focus will be highlighting Australia’s emerging role as a renewable energy superpower to assist the transition of the global economy to net-zero emissions.”

Not only has he drunk the Covid cool-aid but he’s helping himself to seconds by drinking the climate change narrative as well. All courtesy of your taxpayer dollars.

Timmy is serious medal contender for being one of most pompous politicians in parliament. This bloke makes Bozo the clown look like an amateur.


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  1. Go Rennick! Keep at 'em, mate, because there's a whole generation of middle-aged Aussies with a heart and mind for taking our country back from those like Ayres whose ancestors were the like of who positioned themselves and their boyfriends next to them for too long.

    Hold the fort, mate… We're coming up right behind you.

  2. Exercising freedom of speech “in a responsible manner” is actually a form of censorship!

    Disgraceful position of the “acting madam deputy chair”!

    Who is the chair, why is there an “acting” deputy chair there.

    FFS, it’s people like this woman and the shabby Senator who isn’t even wearing a tie that are part of the autocracy that Senator Rennick is taking objection to.

  3. Withdraw all you like, everyones seeing it in full here in video on youtube.

    Noone reads hansard anymore.

    This guys point of order is entirely pointless other than he is trying to stall and anger Rennick to behave badly so he cant deliver the rest of his questions and findings.

    Pitiful really.

    Dont know how you speak to and deal with these people without resorting to violence.

    Well Done senator Rennick, i couldnt work amongst these people.

    I feel dirty even emailing them a concern and getting their drawn out bullshite lies as replies.

  4. Listen to Senator Rennick and then listen to Senator Ayres (IQ of a frog) & the Chair…all i heard was errr or hum & slow speech…Says so much about the majority of our Australian Senators, & that Rennick, Antic & Roberts are in a different class.

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