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Australia Researchers Survey over 1,000 COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Case Series–Disturbing Data Emerges

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology, the University of Queensland affiliated Conny Turni, Ph.D., head of a national and international reference laboratory for respiratory pathogen study and analyses along with Astrid Lefringhausen, Ph.D., report that the impacts of up to four COVID-19 vaccination doses in just a twelve month period are slowly becoming apparent. Taking an Australian point of view, the academics report on the promises and predictions associated with the COVID-19 vaccines compared and contrasted to what is the unfolding reality.
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  1. The whole COVID-19 vaccine push is genericide. Most governments are now out of control and must be held accountable, we must all stand up for ourselves and our poor family members how have become victims of this global genericide program. The other alternative is to just shoot ourselves and get it over as soon as possible. Wake up and stand up before it is too late.

  2. You think a study conducted by already warped queeeeeenslanders who hate southerners is a valid, impartial look at the COVID vaccinations in Australia? Well, queeeeeenslanders stopped me from being with my mother when she died because of their border closure against the hated southerners at a time where queeeeeeenslanders didnt have enough hospital capabilities to look after the cases they got let alone any other – and denied the health care to people who were NOT queeeeeeeeerlanders even if they were dying of cancer. Anti vaccers and not anti-vaccine.. they are anti govt, sov cits, who think that they can do what they want whilst all around them get it done and actually protect THEM. You are nastly selfish a55holes who need to rethink the next pandemic. queeeerland can ROT in h3ll – and PAY the bill for us looking after your nasty asses in hotels!!!!

  3. In all fairness, there where also injuries/consequences for NOT getting the vaxx…. Some people lost their job, some lost the ability to get similar work, some lost their house, some were called a murderer, some were alienated and ostracized,
    some committed suicide. The only winners in this pandemic were the pharmaceutical companies and politicians. Horrible disease it was. Good thing it wasn’t a “man-made” issue.

  4. "The benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks"
    Yeah but you 'experts' were telling me two years ago that there were NO risks. And then last year, it became "oh, well, there are risks but they're extremely rare". And now here we are at "the risks aren't extremely rare but the benefits far outweigh them".
    …So my question is this: how much will the 'science have changed' before next year? Or the year after that?

  5. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We seem to have a problem with getting the truth these days, and I think we all know the reasons why? And if it wasn't for social media and channels like these, we would be the proverbial mushroom. Kept in the dark and feed bullshit.

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