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Australia Strikes a Greentech Deal with the US || Peter Zeihan

There’s one massive hole we’ll need to fill if the green movement will ever work in the US…mineral resources. Thankfully we just struck a deal with our Aussie allies, who happen to have many of the key minerals and resources we need.

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  1. Mate, we don't want to move up the value chain. We have too much money already and don't have enough people willing to do that sort of work. It will be even more difficult to find someone to fix stuff at our house if we start building refineries.

  2. Windmills, EVs, Solar panels are a hoax
    A niche business at best
    They are not economically more efficient and
    Arec dependent on China
    Nor Planet friendly with Strip mining,, Whale &
    Bird killers,
    And what to do with old batteries, panels,etc ?

    Woke go Broke is no joke, it's a scam
    And you should know this

  3. If we[Australia] is to venture into raw material value adding then it will have to be close the resource site. If these sites are in the northern part of the country then Solar and wind power is abundant and there are several ports that could be used or upgraded. The Iron ore mines operating now have shown that trains can be operated effectively and efficiently to deliver raw materials. The labor needed to run large mines has been decreasing rapidly as extreme machines have been developed and coupled with automation that trend will continue plus iron ore production will taper off as China also looks to diversify where it gets its ore from. This means that expertise from that industry that is surplus can be used in the emerging mines. I just hope than in the rush to do all this the environmental baby is not thrown out with the bath water. We have already caused way to much damage in that area already this would also apply to culturally sensitive areas of the first nations people. If processing in OZ is deemed to hard then a look at India would be worthwhile as labor is not a problem there and the demographics are skewed the right way.

  4. Thanks mate for the video, I really like your stuff and good to see some content on Australia. Unfortunately we will continue to sell off our minerals cheaply as our politicians are too dumb to focus on value adding, hopefully there will be some entrepreneurs who step in to push processing here rather than just exporting the raw materials

  5. The EU can turn the immigration tap on and off as it likes to correct demographic imbalances. Merkel let 1.5m refugees in in one go. The EU has taken 6m Ukrainians in months. Slower better planned waves would be easy. Even Brexit Britain has just announced it took an all time record net 600k + migrants last year as it needed the short term stimulus.

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