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Australia Turns Red

‘Anyone who thinks that there is an untapped conservative vote sitting out there isn’t looking at any of the actual voting data…’

‘A huge portion of the Labor voting base are religious minority groups. But they are voting for the left-leaning side.’

-Emily Coltraine from The Voice for Victoria

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Written by Discernable

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  1. Yes, and it shall stay that way until it collapses, like all good Empires. Some being more short-lived then others. I foresee this collapse being accelerated greatly by the adoption of many East-Asian traits by our policy making class. Chief among them being the phenomenon we saw in Imperial Japan were the the realpolitk was such that younger, and more junior officers in the military were heavily encouraged to undercut and undermine their superiors for fear the military Old Guard wouldn't be seen as being patriotic enough. There's an entire bureaucracy out there that would like nothing more then to bring this Red Australia to its' knees whilst also displaying unwavering loyalty to this Red Australia that's been constructed.

  2. Australia already got its' historical Strong Man, or Great Man of History in the form of Daniel Andrews. This was eminently predictable if you look at Oswald Spengler and the cyclical view of history. Andrews, or Labor more broadly are the stabilising force, until it can't stabilise anymore and it'll fall apart into different States. Think of Anthony Albanese as being kinda like the Australian Marcus Crassus. As depressing a thought as that is.

  3. So people are believing something from 40 years ago, also believing in the idea that big government is genuine in its concerns for people is also a fairy tale in my view, if you doubt that then take a good look at the world šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

  4. Labour dont get the majority of the vote, its just divided out enough among so many different parties that they win. We must stop the preferential voting system. I don't believe the people are getting the politicians they vote for. I also believe the liberal party is deliberately self destructing. Politics is a game to be played, it's not about fairness or democracy.

  5. your take on Howard are spot on, I respect him for what he has done, but that's the past, as you say his take on today is out of whack, and as the liberal party is tied to him as their elder statesman, till he passes they are also stuck in the past, and lost.

  6. There's this inclination to map Democrat/Republican politics onto Australia but it doesn't quite conform but with that being said, the current MAGA Republicans aren't really all that conservative i.e. they have less interest in religious issues and small government so there may be some points to draw on from them given that Australians aren't as conservative as Americans. In any case, Australia desperately needs a viable opposition because Labor have this tendency to massively overreach and given where we are with discourse on energy, migration, education, really so many potential policy areas, Australia could very well run off multiple cliffs simultaneously, in other words, devastation which is very hard to come back from. Maybe the devastation will be what wakes people up to the need for their personal involvement on a local level but at that point I'm not sure it would matter. The South Africanisation of Australia would be well underway. šŸ˜‘

  7. If voting conservative is voting for family values, freedom of speech, common sense, right to own property, right to freedom of association, right to freedom of religious expression then bingo dingo, I'm voting conservative. If only the supposed conservative parties knew this.

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