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Australia Vs Joe Rogan

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. She is obviously a extreme leftist feminist, anything political that is extreme is more or less terrorism, can someone swat Lia right now?
    Andrew Tate is not going down even tho he has been banned everywhere and his bank accounts locked. so the extreme feminist is changing their target.
    and as retarded they are, they try to take down Joe Rogan, the godfather of Pod CastĀ“s. its retarded. 100 years ago people like Lia would been in mental institutions over here in Europe.

  2. Gotta laugh at all the love and affirmation for Joe…..
    I thought he was interesting till he cracked it at an Aussie sketch that made fun of opinions, Including his, over the whole covid bullshit…..
    So he went from using it to make a point… realising it was satire, because it was pointed out to him, then damning the Australian "gun control" scheme as his petulant response…..oh and deleting comments on that post as well….
    Dude isn't enlightened…..just a bloke who makes some points…..but does nothing pro-active to affect change……

  3. These clowns just donā€™t want anyone with common sense and decency having a platform to challenge the absolute shite they are trying to peddle. If joe came out trans surrounded by naked kids they would vote him most influential women of the year. Good critique Issac itā€™s time these morons got the push back they need to maybe intellectually develop. But they probably too offended and triggered šŸ˜‚

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