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Australian Banks Stop Using Cash!

Recently a few Australian banks have stopped making cash available to customers. More banks are likely to follow suit, clearing the pathway toward a fully cashless society. One doesn’t have to be a rank technophobe to understand the threats an economic system operating fully on digital currency would pose.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss just a few reasons why we should fear a cashless future.

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  1. Trump says he would and could end the war "In 24 hours". Any President/Commander in Chief would have 2 immediate means of getting that done. 1)Executive order on Day 1 to put a halt to money/aid going to Ukraine. That's the "Presidential route.
    2) Commander in Chief Trump could simply start withdrawing any and all equipment, personnel, "military aid of any kind"…a full military withdrawal from the "battlefield", so to speak.

    Of course, even the current pup.., err.. President could do the same.

  2. 0:20 this wouldn't have made news down there. Our largest telecom, Rogers, went down for a day. The entire country was without the INTERAC system that processes debit card transactions. Cash, credit or Bust.
    People didn't get paid and many people couldn't even buy food.
    Not to mention that many people were without cell service and in many cities the 911 system was Rogers so emergency services were also down.
    Country wide.

  3. I live in Australia. I think the paranoia/alarmism is overdone. ATM distribution is much more efficient than lining up for a teller. I have seen no reduction in Atms . . and it is understandable that there must be limits for ATM withdrawals. Similarly cheques are inefficient. It is just a paper based means of transferring funds from one party to another. Most paper based transactions are being replaced with new technology. The only persons still using cheques in Australia are the older generation who have not adapted to the technology.

  4. without electricity …
    (major power outage)
    even cash is as useless as credit or debit cards
    because most businesses have electronic payment registers that would be "down" so nobody can buy/sell

    and fuel pumps (gasoline + diesel) won't work at refueling stations

    transportation (passenger+cargo) that relies on such fuels would go empty

    even if one were to manually siphon fuel out of gas/diesel stations, these stations would quickly go empty, too

    refrigerated food transport and storage, and groceries stores would spoil from stoppage

    and cash on hand, used for payment, won't last if electric power remains offline for several weeks to months

    I remember that last huge power outage that affected Southern Ontario in Canada that started in Eastern USA near the great lakes … the whole grid collapsed in a massive cascade in the middle of the summer!

    the only thing working was old dial-up telephone land lines! (cellphone network was down everywhere; cable tv was down; internet was down locally)

    only old-style AM/FM radio broadcast was up

    it was crazy

    imagine if all electric-related systems continentwide were "fried by a nuclear weapons EMP"?!

    or solar mass ejection (huge solar storm)?!

  5. The countries that do this first will destroy themselves, the rich with credit will be the only ones with food. We the people needs to start bartering system, treading work for food. We are going backwards, community will have to work together to survive. And they say there’s n9 deep state.

  6. Here in USA they have begun to make the transition to the Fed Now digital dollar by using third parties to conceal the link. I’ve withdrawn all my money from one of my banks and transferred to a small local bank. Control is the real reason they want a cashless society. I use cash 97% of the time and I continue to try for 100%. I do own gold and silver, it’s not much but it’s better than nothing.

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Importance of human life

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