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Australian Cashless Communist Credit score system or Silver Gold

Australia the NWO Globalist experimental farm is being used to kick off the cashless credit score system. These maggots can rott in Hell, most say get gold or silver.
Never pay their extortion racket fines.
Complying with tyrants has a 100% failure rate people, whatever these tyrants say DO THE OPPOSITE…
All State & Federal Governments are unlawful & illegitimate. Stop doing what they say & take them out.
Neither the Federal nor the State Governments are sovereign bodies:
they are legislatures with limited powers, any law which they attempt to pass
in excess of those power is NO LAW AT ALL it is simply a nullity entitled to NO OBEDIENCE…
Free Download of Original Constitution
Download the Constitution FREE:!!!Original-1900-Constitution.pdf
Section 109: of the Commonwealth Constitution provides “that where a state law
is inconsistent with a Commonwealth law, the state law is invalid, to the extent of the inconsistency.”
Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Written by Liabilitymate

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  1. What are the old people going to do that only have bank books. I know they will be dead soon but for them, cash is all they know. Some don't even have families to help with computer transactions. So do they all die of starvation or of cold/heat of not being able to pay accounts with cash. I do not like the way the world is going with a lot of other things too.

  2. Today, Sunday 13/8/23, I received a random afternoon phone call from a telemarketing company, on my landline, by a robot, asking me if I would answer questions regarding my political views.
    If this happens to you, slam the phone down, like I did, least you incriminate yourself for future censure from some company or bank based on a phone call like this, that you would not remember participating in the distant past months / years. Keep your own counsel about what you believe. Be aware of forces against you now.
    How dare they! Where do they get off! Beware the invasion of your private sanctum. Your home.

  3. Somehow we all going to have to regroup and pool our resources if we're to survive this oppressive control grid. I fear that the unjabbed will be kicked out of the system and forced to defend for themselves at this rate. I am a electronics repair technician, a avid PM's stacker, I grow food and could build a house if the need arises. I guess if the Amish can live off grid for two centuries, so can we. I easily found a group of like minded people here in Brisbane, so I have no doubt we're dotted all around this country. Dig a little and you'll be surprised that many are not on board with all of this bs. Buy silver from a local bullion dealer, like Bullion Now from Melbourne or Ainslie Bullion in Brisbane and Melbourne. Plenty more bullion dealers in Sydney. Silver is at a "sale" price right now.. Aud $39-41 for a one ounce silver coin!

  4. Did you know if you apply for your SOURCE DOCUMENT( Different names in different states in NSW itā€™s called the ORIGINAL REGISTRATION Document)this creates the fraudulent Birth Certificate after your mother unknowingly signs it (As INFORMANT not EXECUTOR)the day you were BORN ( Not Birthed) On this document it will have your Given name only no Surname and it will a number on it such as 567 this number is also relates to the fraudulent Birth Certificate this number is the location of the PROBATED WILL yes the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the DEATH CERTIFICATE the CHILD on it is the PAPER CHILD not you ( Remember your parents donā€™t sign the Birth Certificate it is not you) When BORN your body is the ESTATE a TRUST is created at 21 did you CLAIM the EXECUTOR roll or are you still on social media. UNWOKE yourself.

  5. BTW, the top of the Vulture tree knows a golden opportunity, rarely in the evolution of human history have so many stupid people united to honour false statues, false idols, false measures…
    Anyone recall; "dump Trump before he starts WW-3"..?
    Hmmm; nekkit: nuke Pootin already..!
    That's a majority collective wisdom praying to false statues, false measures, false idols…
    Free stuff..?

  6. When you put money in their bank, you give them the fruits of your labour. You persevered for every cent you earned so they can be the parasites feeding off your very life.

    Don't give the criminals the gold, hold it in your hands and say I make the rules.

    Then say go stick your cashless social credit where the sun don't shine along with your digital ID, your regular jabs, and your smart cities.

    COME TOGETHER AUSTRALIANS, NOW! There's more of us than them. YOU and I have the power. We take our lives into our own hands.

    Safety in numbers.

  7. It's a bloody River Bank… that's the true meaning of a Bank. Currency is Current it's all based on the law of the sea Pirates law … Admiralty Law… not law of the land! people are chattlel. we come through a birth Canal, it all centers around the Maritime law. When you go into the courtroom you sit in the Dock. Everything is wrong with this law system. Look it up!

  8. CBDC is unlawful treason serve the corporation banks NCLLN force them lawfully in writing to prove all of their banking actions from first opening until today are both legal and lawful show where it is written or cease and desist within lawful ending 30 days to answer under oath answers if no answer they legally lawfully default by law and the questions are now lawful so ask them to prove legal and lawful agree to pay but before you can continue to make payments they first need to provide the proof, if they can not prove is legal and lawful then it is unlawful malfeasance
    Legal must follow the law lawfully or is unlawful malfeasance that is the Law āš–

  9. People need to be demanding cash for their work of their employers. Otherwise they won't turn up to work. Cripple bastards you gotta ask for cash but where did this Martain after I asked for cash they're probably not that smart and that's the problem with this country is most of the people that blissfully fucking ignorant.

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