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Australian Federal Police’s bombshell admission on PLA-linked drones

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  1. How they take the propaganda from the USA as 100% truth is crazy DJI and PLA wtf I've never heard such rubbish. They just hate drones simply because they can record the unlawful activities of the authorities. They don't like to be monitored and watched as the conduct illegal actions against the public. These people are reprehensible and need locking up.

  2. When will people wake up. Every government on the planet all work together using three letter agencies, churches, Masons, space agencies, Hollyweird and dozens more. Every country. Stop watching this charade. Just have a look at the owners of the biggest corporations in the world. Shared technology including to and from China, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand and the list goes on. The war in Ukraine is for both sides to play their game. Ukraine citizens are just for cannon fodder.

  3. It is amazing to me, a third generation Australian citizen, that all through my adult life, I am now seventy, I have noticed that all
    Most all of the people in senior police positions are from the UK or SA.
    Seems strange to me, I didn’t realise that Australia was still a colony of the UK.???

  4. What was their final response when asked if they had used LRAD weapons against peaceful protesters during freedom rallies? I saw them using rubber bullets on people at the Shrine. One guy had been shot 16 times.
    Remind me what country we live in?

  5. Are They a Police Force or a BOND Villain Organisation, WTF do they want /need this tech for against the very population they're sworn to protect and serve, and the fact that it's supplied by the Overlords, our Adversaries which we are in a slow roll out global conflict…. This Boils The Blood.

  6. The hypocrisy is just pathetic. The US is the worlds leader of human rights abuses, not to mention the total disregard for International LAW as it has proven with its illegal wars, interventions, human trafficking that has recently come to light, all sponsored by the Biden Cartel, a cartel that also funded Biological Weapons Labs in the Ukraine and of course Wuhan. We should all ban Microsoft and Android products as they are used a spy tools by the NSA, and other corrupt US so called law enforcement agencies. I purchase many products from China and will continue to do so, and Russia if i could. As for the US, it can go to h*ll as that is surely where it is headed with its immoral, unethical, tyrannical agenda. Best wishes China from New Zealand

  7. the drones ..the uniforms for our armed forces and probably all policing made in china ….we have been sold of by governments for a long time …now its india turn turn to own …..we will make every other country wealthy but not our own ….governments use our taxes as if it their fun spending money …first it was the chinese now we have no home homes for hard working Australian's universities are out of reach for most ozzie kids …low 7ncome families can't afford groceries yet were a bringing in millions of migrants and we will have to except their qualifications ….politicians don't give a crap about Australia China doesn't have to spy on us we have secret chinese police stations here and they arent stopped .

  8. Well done Senator…keep up the hard questions. The current low levels of transparency and accountability across Governments at all levels and our Institutions and Agencies is appalling and basically pissing on the collective leg of the Australian people who are paying for these people and expecting them to be fit and proper in their roles….not treating us with dismissive disdain.

  9. Regardless of how many of these Senate committee meetings I watch wether it’s to do with security, climate change, the Voice, Covid 19, the cost of energy and the list goes, the response is always the same. That is, the public servants in these senior positions and high paying jobs are not able or not willing to provide the answers to these important questions. Invariably, the excuse is that it’s commercial in confidence or a security issue or they have to take it on notice because they don’t have a clue. It’s a joke and there is no transparency or accountability for the epic F…Ups that occur on a regular basis. The tax payer invariably ends up paying for their incompetence.

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