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Australian Govt Concealed Vaccine Myocarditis Deaths. Cited Concern over “Vaccine Hesitancy’

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Buried among the weeds in the news, is an emerging story, about an Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Dr. Melissa McCann In Australia. The Documents obtained revealed that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) led by Dr. John Skerritt, apparently had hidden from public view, a number of vaccine related deaths, including a couple of children among the deceased.

Watch the MP Russel Broadbent video asking “Where’s the TGA’s transparency?” here |

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  1. My 46 yr sister in-law died from lung blood clots within a week of receiving her first AstraZeneca shot shortly after it was rolled out in Queensland. At the time there was zero cases in the state. It wasn't reported as a vaccine death & was put down to her auto-immune disease.

  2. The Australian TGA is 96% funded by pharma. It has no interest in health. It exists purely to lubricate the mechanism by which vast amounts of taxpayers money is transferred from the treasury to pharma via the fig leaf of an "approval" process. The TGA does nothing unless it is "sponsored"by a pharma company. The TGA would not even contemplate acting in the interests of the people of Australia. It is a charade, a cuckoo in the nest of the health system.

  3. So what makes misinformation…politicians disagree and take sides..which sides view is disinformation..well of course the othersides what is the real truth..well when you look impartially on things with NO agenda or judgement..this comes from the heart not the head….anyone who dies deserves the respect of others..not for politicians to coverup for their own self interests.

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