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Australian Magistrate Throws Out Case against Acting Sergeant who Head-slammed Protestor

The case against 37 yr old Acting Sergeant Beau Barrett for head-slamming a protestor at Flinders St Station in Melbourne has been dismissed by a magistrate who said that a jury could not possibly convict him.

Magistrate Rob Stary said the victim was ‘entirely provocative’ and acted in a menacing and abusive manner toward police.

Officers present claim the victim seemed possessed, with other witnesses reporting epithets hurled at police such as ‘pigs!’ and ‘dogs!’ and ‘glorified snitches!’.

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  1. I played it in slo-mo – I couldn't see anything which looked "menacing". Does the magistrate elaborate on his "menacing" claim, do you know? And does anyone know of the protester's name, and if he suffered a significant injury? I'm trying to work out what our ruling-class feels is acceptable State violence against our protesters.

  2. what do you expect in Victoria/Australia. Courts are owned by the elite. ALl major parties, including the greens and the teals are owned. The police intentionally hire mostly morons who cannot think for themselves, and they bully out anyone who gets in who can think for themselves.

    There is 0 justice in Australia. You'll get mall scale litigation etc. But they will never set down a precedent like punishing their own for this.
    It's clear assault. Now a lawful arrest n any sense of the word, or a lawful detainment. Still, the cop should be named. Doxx him.

  3. I'm not surprised really, Stary was elevated to the seat of magistrate in 2021 by Dan Andrews after he was the counsel for the red shirt Labor Politicians by advising them NOT to talk to police and all correspondence to be passed to him . Andrews says help me out and I'll look after you. Corrupt much, I think so.

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