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Australian recession warning

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Fears are that Australia will enter a recession.


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  1. I came to Oz recently and lived in a country near to Zimbabwe, saw the effect of nearly 900% inflation, when you went in to get a new car tyres and the quote was valid for 15 minutes. Let me start off and tell you, no you will not die, everybody around you will be as f67ked as you, when it goes down it goes down. No you do not need to prep for end of earth and arm yourself, no zombies will rise from graves. One very unique thing in Australia is elections every 3 years, this makes it far more difficult for the elites to embed stuff, hence why you are the lucky country. Just relax.

  2. Its funny you use the 'forest management' strategy analogy here. As someone who has worked in land management amongst other things, it was clear that they (local and state gov) don't like the idea of back burning enough, due to the "safety" culture overload. During the last bushfires I saw a property owner who cleared brush from his property, who was fined, manage to save his house from burning down. In fact the fire omitted his house entirely. By propping up the dead companies and insane debt-laden housing market we're just delaying the inevitable recession bushfire.

  3. As someone who has had to trade through a major recession in the UK, that lasted nearly 8 years in the late eighties and early nineties, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing good about a recession for either; the majority of the population or the economy. Anyone 'advising' you otherwise is talking out their arrse.

  4. Dont spend but spend enough to not let businesses go under but dont spend too much but spend just a bit so we dont have supply issues but don't spend as it makes inflation worse but spend so we have competition so they wont need to inflate prices to make up for recession but dont spend because we need to slow inflation but spend enough for people to have a home but dont spend because it ruins the environment but spend more on expensive renewables but dont spend on inflating energy company bills….. and on and on…

  5. You can watch a video from "AustralianSuper boss says a recession is coming | The Business | ABC News", 7 months ago.
    At the 3:40 mark, he says, by Christmas (2022), "If the inflation rate is stayed at 7%, you wouldn't expect interest rates to only be at 4%".
    Yet here we are: 7.8% CPI well past Christmas, and the RBA rate at 3.35%.

  6. No one forced people to go on a debt binge. Australiaā€™s economy has not done well for a long time as itā€™s sustained and supported by immigration (population growth). We now have a huge issue of inflation in bedding as Australia has had to move slower on rates due to our circumstances – level of individual and gov debt, housing bubble forcing higher debt to own, lack of housing supply ( Airbnb is still an issue taking off houses and units off market), politicians having housing portfolios so seriously biased, lack of gov action on economy and housing. The can has been kicked so far down the road that itā€™s now stuck in cement and it forcing everyone to finally deal with all the economic factors that have not been dealt with earlier. I feel sympathy for everyone caught in it but I fear once more we may kick the can further and it will just be worse later on.

  7. Heise, may I suggest that you do some research into the economies of the 18th and 19th centuries. You will be very interested to learn the effects of "free market" economic models in practice.
    And as a matter of interest, did you receive job keeper payments, or did you refuse them on the basis of ideology?

  8. I don't think Phil Lowe knows what the hell is going on, he looks like he is on "Crack-Cocaine" every time is speaks to the public, …….and i really don't think he will stop hiking the interest rates until we are well into a recession. Blind Freddy could see when Scomo had everybody in lock-down during Covid, and he was pumping everybody up with cash payments, ….and Phil Lowe dropped the interest rates down to almost zero, the economy was going to head into a disaster once everybody was released from lock-down, all cashed up, and told to go out and "Spend Up" big ……and THAT'S why we are all in this situation now !!!!!

  9. 1st mistake people made when they Fomo'd into the market late was listening to the RBA.

    ''We will not raise rates till 2024'' if things do not change……………….guess what they did change and rather fast.

    RBA where in there remit to make those promises burn and that is exactly what they did.

  10. I have subscribed! Particularly because you are talking Australian Economy! I thank you for keeping your post under 10 minutes! Easy viewing! I'm a little older you, but blessed to still have my Dad, just days off 100 years old! I pick his brains, I have noted shortfalls and protected myself against them! And done many things to insulate myself from the calamity which I believe will start roughly end of March this year! 2023! I maybe wrong by a few weeks but I'm way closer than even Michael Burry, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Ray Dalio. They all said it would happen by now! Beaurocracy takes time! And China and Russia are playing 2 to 1 against the West and flogging them where they haven't even realised the damage! I personally hate British Imperialism, East India Company, crown owned back then! Now we have USA with 750 bases across the world outside their own territory! If that isn't a try at worldwide invasion what is? BRICS, now joined by Saudi, Egypt, and many more countries day by day! It's no longer petrol dollars, it's young dollars or rules dollars

  11. Hello Heise, just a thought. What would happen if the younger generation gave up hope of ever buying a home and just kept on spending, lived with Mum and Dad, rented as a group. Just kept spending every dollar they make. Grandparents pass away, no one buys there homes, parents pass away, no one buys there homes. It would only take 2 generations.

  12. My advice for young people would be to sit down and do a budget. Cancel Netflix, Spotify and drinking Coffee from the cafe. Get off social media because it's actually brainwashing you to consume junk and ultimately be broke. If you need clothing, go to the OP shop or Kmart. Do not ever buy a vehicle with finance! Don't get the latest Mobile Phone on a Plan! Being frugal helps you too be less stressed so you can enjoy life more and sleep well at night. You can still own a Car & A mobile phone but just get the basic ones that do the job and keep you out of debt. Honestly so many people are freaking out right now because they are buried in debt and interest rates are going up. We are so programed to consume and go with the bullshit lies we are fed! Let me tell you it's very possible to get away from it all & free yourself! You can live a happy life full of laughs with minimal stress! So many people just living paycheck to paycheck, maxing out their Credit & Ultimately destroying their health & Wellbeing. No point in going crying to the Banks, they could not give one stuff about your circumstances, they love all this, and they continue to prosper.

  13. Ive lived through a number of recessions , This period was so the corporation could regroup and readjust . So what is happening is the corporations are still adjusting by creating higher prices thanks to the war in Ukraine … Our governments will do absolutely nothing knowing the Voter / Taxpayer will do nothing but winge . The Banks are still riding high on massive profits and the Cowboys will go to court because they are still slanging off at each other …

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