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Australian Senator Wants Bureaucrats Prosecuted for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Deaths.

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Australian politics became interesting as Senator Gerard Rennick, a member of the Liberal National Party of Queensland, confronted members of the Australian Federal Police in a Parliament session, asking how to press charges against bureaucrats associated with reckless and negligent behavior associated with COVID-19, standing for COVID-19 vaccine injured persons. On the senator’s mind: Professor John Skerritt and others he believes culpable for COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths including the 7 and 9 children whose deaths were given the causality decision by the Australian Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) assessment team. The Senator is certain that Skerritt is lying about what he knows, and likely other critical pieces of knowledge.

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  1. unfortunately Rennick is with he Liberal Party (technically the conservative party, but hasn't been conservative for over 30 years). The leader of which is just as spineless and pathetic as any of them. Same with Jacinta Price… Great senators both but if you vote for them, you just vote for another WEF sucking party. One Nation is the ONLY party that has enough legs to make a dent in the quadropoly (labor, Liberal, National, Teal) that controls us and has a leader with enough balls to take the c*nts to task for their crimes. But everyone thinks she is racist because media, so….

  2. Keep vigilant because the enemies of freedom never stop. Oligarchs are conspiring to have 194 nations submit their sovereignty to a “Pandemic Treaty” with the World Health Organization (a private, independent organization funded primarily by Bill Gates). The treaty will grant the WHO with authority over every nation and citizen on earth for future pandemics, and the WHO will have the sole discretion to declare a health emergency. President Joe Biden is expected to sign this document 2/27/23.

  3. ALL is FINALLY GOING TO BREAK WIDE OPEN … Rattlesnakes, LIERS, TRAITORS , RATS are All coming out of their HIDING PLACES to Receive their JUDGEMENT. They WILL pay for their CRIMES. CORRUPT Politicians n Governments ALL Over THE WHOLE WORLD are FINALLY FINISHED. They are RUNNING SCARRED and VERY CONFUSED as their SICK PLANS have FAILED MISERABLY….as THEY ARE NOT in CONTROL of the WHOLE WORLD. Many CRIMINALS will have to show their FACES to the WORLD and ADMIT GUILT. A darkness has come on your ENEMIES Australia n the WHOLE WORLD which they cannot ESCAPE and be CHARGED for sentences for their own CRIMES. They are LOOSING in EVERYTHING they are Planning against the Australians and THE WORLD. NO ADVERSITY or any PLANS of the Enemies used, will EVER get PASS ME and WIN says THE LORD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC and JACOB who is in CONTROL of AUSTRALIA and THE WORLD and IS THE CREATOR of EVERYTHING Man enjoys FREELY GIVEN BY HIM because HE ALONE KNOWS THEIR NEEDS n WANTS not the Corrupt POLITICIANS n GOVERNMENTS who ONLY STEALS, KILLS and DESTROYS THE TAX PAYERS ALL OVER THE WHOLE WORLD and BRINGS them into BONDAGES n SLAVERY where there is NO ESCAPE but TRUTH ALWAYS WINS. START CELEBRATING VICTORY and SHOUT their DEFEAT as YOUR ENEMIES are never going
    TO WIN.



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