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Australian Treasurer Announces ‘CENTRAL BANKING DIGITAL CURRENCY’ Financial System Overhaul by 2030

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  1. I'm not sure ppl REALLY understand, look on YouTube under "BIS project ice breaker"
    This is the Bank of international settlements (so the central banks bank) saying in July they are going to be using a CBDC – So ALL PAYMENTS INTERNATIONALLY ARE ON THIS PAYMENT RAIL.

    I don't care about the CHQ side of things, and as long as they keep "cash" as an option in Australia 🦘 I don't even listen to the crap. Why? Because Australia is about 2% of the global money machine and a very very tiny cog. We'll end up doing whatever the UK does most likely.
    So a LOCAL CBDC needs to never happen. But it's already too late internationally.

  2. Completely ignoring the aged population. My dad doesn't have a smartphone so how inclusive is this?
    They keep banging on about the increasing aging demographic but don't consider their needs at all.
    My dad couldn't pay for parking at the hospital last week as the machines font accept cash.

  3. I see lots of comments about using violence against these WEF stooges.

    NO VIOLENCE. They have far superior weaponry than us citizens, and they've proven they can, and WILL use it.

    Non-violent disorder.

    Ignore EVERY SINGLE stupid person that supports this crap.

    Disobey orders from any person that believes in ESG targets, Green agendas, etc.

    Organize your community, start local food gardens.

    Implement fitness programs using free public gym equipment.

    Dads unite, patrol your neighbourhood and get to know the area you live in.

    Mums band together, pay the stay at home mum $50 CASH a week to look after your kid after school.

    Support each other, government HATES when they're not needed or wanted.

    The gov's M.O is to expand, entrench and control.

    Stay strong Aussies, we will have our country back WELL BEFORE 2030 if we just have a good old go at it!


  4. He's using word the cheques, when he really means cash. Many people were warning of this years ago and were just labelled 'conspiracy theorists'. If digital currency is so efficient, why does it still take three to four days for a Bpay payment to be cleared?

  5. Since when does a government "work with us" when they talk about wanting to to align us with "their agenda", the creep is smiling as he's talking about introducing a digital ID and AI how is the "inclusive and respectful" it will track and surveillance everything you do and reward "good behaviour" etc they also think they'll be in power for a couple more elections.

    Stop voting for the Red, Green and Blue teams in, nothing changes, just more tyrannical dystopia.

  6. You will all see a cashless society by 2029.

    100% cashless.

    To all those preppers out there, keep this in mind and get all you need beforehand. I’ve been doing so (full time) for almost three years and over ten in total. Once we hit cashless we will also start to see restricted items and limits on many more items. That’s why I say it.

The Pandemic Treaty Must Be Rejected

The Pandemic Treaty Must Be Rejected

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