Australian TV ACCIDENTALLY Shows The U.S. War Menace

An Australian News program was trying to demonstrate how menacing a potential adversary China is, but they kind of screwed it up. By showing a map of all the United States’ military bases in the Pacific region, along with graphics of jet fighters and overlaid with scary music, the segment wound up making the U.S. appear far more threatening militarily than anything poor little China could muster.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this warmongering swing and a miss from the Aussie news program.

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  1. Fun Fact: It was Russia who saved The Union during the American Civil War as they sent their Navy to San Francisco and New York when England and France were just about to enter the war on the side of the Confederates since London created the Confederates. France was already in Mexico making a spear head movement to resupply the Confederates and to open up a Pacific Theatre and create a port in California. England already amassed 11,000 troops stationed at their Northern Confederacies border now called Canada ready to open a Northern Theatre then to attack The Unions naval blockade. The Union would have been completely destroyed and annexed by those two great powers leaving the Confederates to exist as a puppet state of London.

    Tsar Alexander wrote a letter to Queen Victoria saying “If you enter in this war it will be a casus belli for all out war with the Russian Empire”. The stage was set for the 1st World War and Russia stopped it.

  2. The central banksters, imf world bank are the baddies – america could not do this without unlimited money out of thin air which the central banks control – alwzys unlimited monry for war and man msde pestilence – china is slso controlled by the same banks – this is just a change in HQ – same shite show wrapped in a different skin. Hope i am wrong but there it is. Countries and borders mean nothing to the bankster rape pillage and death machine.

  3. Jimmy, you are kind of missing the point that the U.S. has secured world shipping routes since WW2. That takes a worldwide military. We can discuss if this is a good or bad deal, but this is why intercontinental trade has been easy for the last 75 years.

    If you want to shitcan the entire world order, we can, but not without consequences.

  4. The USA navy and Airforce bases and weapons are all over the world, but Asia has been built up for a while as that was the place war is expected to really started. The US will have to be willing to go full bore, because US can't hold up in the long term!

  5. What’s so funny about it all is… Australia doesn’t recognise Taiwan as an independent country and fully supports the One China policy as why the hell do we want to fight for one political party of China against the other political party of China… more so one that is literally one of our largest trade partners 🤦🏼‍♀️

    The only saving grace is our ex Prime Minister Paul Keating (if only more would listen to him) reminding the morons in my country that going to war with China will be a massive loss for us as history has proven when it comes to the US military power in the Pacific more so in South East Asia/Northern Australia, Australia even going as far back to WW2, has had to stand on her own to save herself from her threats because the US always has its own agenda, refuses to help when needed and doesn’t give a shit… which is wonderful considering we don’t have the military numbers nor the capability to do anything now or even in the future, unless the Chinese are going to be fooled by cardboard cutouts of tanks and blow up dolls tied together to look like troop numbers we don’t have a prayer in the world to save our own bacons and this delusional thinking we will be victorious over China even Russia is beyond hilarious… we’d be wiped out in less than 48 maybe 72 hours at most & we’d be calling Xi Jinping daddy before we could even blink.

    So f*k US false narratives and war aggression… more so f*k Sky News Australia for its d*k sucking attempt for war mongering and propaganda.

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