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Australians Are Not Permitted To Know If There Are American Nukes In Australia

The US government is permitted to have nuclear weapons in Australia. What’s more, Australians are not permitted to know whether or not this is happening. What’s more, not even Australia’s elected senators are permitted to know whether this is happening. It’s assumed to be none of Australia’s business whether there are foreign nuclear weapons in Australia.

This was clarified during a Senate estimates hearing on Wednesday, when Greens senators were condescendingly admonished by the Australian foreign minister for the very normal and appropriate attempt to clarify the government’s policy regarding the presence of US armageddon weapons on Australian soil.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone

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  1. I can tell the Australians! I am Ex Royal Navy. So were my three Brothers. In fact….My Brother emigrated to Australia and became a worker at Woomera. After the Queen,s High-Commissioner removed Gough Witlam Australia has been fair game for a targert! So has Great Britain. Gough Island had been a wasteland made by testing with no attention paid to Aborigionals!..Anyway…Woomera is teeming with USA Weapons! They are Medium and Long-Range! They are not aimed at Penguins!…..Kick Em Out Diggers!….LA5 Warton England

  2. Permitted by who, for what who …who decided this.
    Terrorists decide this without other people's approval.
    did The majority vote… we want nuclear weapons.. That could indeed make us a target… and if they didn't they were not permitted A choice. and therefore this is against their constitution, They're sovereignty. At the UN charter guarantees and is being ignored by the West globally.. We have a new world order we just didn't realize that this was what it was called.. The West hedgemonic idea of placing toxic chemicals against the world for the purpose of corporations selling their products as commodities…. Nobody on Earth wants.

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