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Australians Protest AUKUS Warmongering, Reject Nukes

Citizens, diplomats and unions gathered in Woolongong, south of Sydney, to say no to Port Kembla, its neighbouring harbour, becoming host to AUKUS nuclear submarine technology;. They also said no to a hostile foreign policy towards China. Meanwhile, no plan has been announced by the government regarding disposal of the high-grade nuclear waste generated by the subs.

Written by Consortium News

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  1. This is the first step in the new phase of Australia being the USA's Ukraine in Asia. The US corp militarization of Australia's economy after gutting it of Chinese trade. Australians needs to wake up to the fact they are being scammed to be a Ukraine or South Vietnam and US proxy for future war with China. At the very least, scammed by promoting fear of a fictional version of China to justify the looting of Australian taxpayers bank account for the next 3 decades. It's a mafia protection racket, but not even a good one. A mafia protection racket, where YOU protect yourself in a fight started by the mafia who are supposedly protecting you. They are using you to do their dirty work. People have been protesting the US bases on Okinawa for 80 years, but you don't see that on Sky News. Okinawa fears it could be the first one to be incinerated in the upcoming Rand corporation planned war over Taiwan. Australia is in the queue for a similar fate, and is begging and PAYING for the right to do so. Absolute idiocy.

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