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Australia’s Chief of Air Force pushes for killer drones

Australia’s Chief of Air Force is pushing for the nation to acquire low-cost killer drones to improve the RAAF’s defence assets as he says the nation’s current fleet of fighter jets are not enough to win in the event of a war.

Air Marshal Robert Chipman’s comments come ahead of the release of the Albanese government’s strategic defence review.

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  1. wow clueless again skynews. what do you think Australia's Boeing MQ28 Ghost Bat is. is the most advanced drone in the world with Air to Air combat fighter capabilities and turned out so well USA now has one to test in it's syborg programme.. Australia purchased 2 and now has purchased more and total is 11 now.

  2. if you used small drones for like sky mines or dipersers you could make them unhackable whilst stationery over water, at that moment if set to complete autonomous, and using Lazer light communication for take offs and landing, same as with the wingman drones and close range defence drones, if the Australian defence force has ethical and moral issues,, using as defense is cheaper,and any weapons for defence are more ethical than attack, using them cheaper drones makes ya a better pilot, the battlefield is intellectual more where before it was more braun


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